Advantages of LLC Company Registration in Dubai and the Role of Local Consultants/Service Providers

It won’t be wrong to claim that LLC or Limited Liability Company is the most fundamental form of businesses in the UAE. An LLC company can be established by at least a couple and at most fifty shareholders, with limited liability to their shares in the cumulative business capital amount.

Advantages of LLC company registration in Dubai

There are many advantages of doing an LLC company registration in Dubai or having an LLC company. First of all, except insurance, banking, and related affairs, one can do any types of business through it. There is also no limitation on the number of visas one can obtain upon having LLC. Investors of such a company can have the investor’s visa, as per which they can enjoy the status of an investor in the UAE, along with their family.

Moreover, an LLC company is relaxed from the basic 5% customs duty on the products brought. Also, the limitations are applied upon the ownership of the real estate.  LLC provides incredible flexibility to the business group, enabling them to do business in UAE, as well as in GCC.

Why take the help of local professional consultants or service providers?       

Any business group aiming at forming an LLC in UAE is essential to take help of an expert local service provider. It is here to note that 51 percent of the business is going to be owned by the sponsors; hence finding the reliable partner plays the key role. Local service providers help on this matter by getting your documentation done and accepting not to be involved in the business.

Professional LLC registration service providers or consultants help the clients by taking entire responsibility, starting from the initial to final. They also provide needful help about suggesting strategy building. They can be helpful in-

  • Having approvals or the needed clearances from different departments.
  • Providing requisite help regarding essential agreements, like drafting a memorandum of association.
  • Helping in having native business partners.
  • Having bank accounts.
  • Helping in finding a good office location.
  • Addressing local formalities.

It, in general, takes a period of one-two weeks from the day of receiving the needful documents to establish an LLC company. Professional consultants help the clients on all aspects, starting from setting up a company, registering a license, as well as assisting in solving the official issues appearing in the way. All that it needs to ensure is that the concerned service provider must be experienced enough in dealing with such aspects.

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