The basics of offshore company registration in Dubai

The basics of offshore company registration in Dubai

Offshore company formation in Dubai is a profitable business proposition for the foreign investors as it provides an ideal opportunity to take the benefit of tax incentives, affordable Dubai free zone company set up cost along with 100 % ownership, and so much more.

However, a lot of foreign investors constantly struggle with the questions such as ‘how to set up business in Dubai’, ‘what is the process of setting up business in Dubai’, ‘what does it take to set up a company in UAE’ etc.

If you are also looking to set up offshore business in UAE, here is all the information you need about the company registration process including the Dubai company registration cost.

Understanding the Offshore Company?

The offshore business possibility is, essentially, a medium to cater the need of the foreign companies who need to have a regional ‘tax-relief-invoicing facility’. The biggest advantage of the offshore company is no minimum capital requirement and an exemption to set up an actual office facility.

Below are some of the main features of the Offshore Companies-

  • The benefit of 100% foreign ownership of the company without the need of the local sponsors
  • Offshore company formation in Dubai gives the benefit of 100% transfer of capital and revenue to the entrepreneurs without any restrictions
  • By setting up an offshore company in Dubai, foreign investors can enjoy the benefit of no tax on imports and re-exports, corporate tax, or personal tax for a good amount of time period
  • There are no restrictions on hiring foreign employees when you set up business in Dubai
  • Dubai company registration cost is quite affordable for the foreign investors which are another attractive feature


The process of offshore company registration in Dubai

Offshore company formation and registration in Dubai is an easy and hassle-free procedure which can be completed in following steps-

  1. Reach out to a reliable business set up services/consultants that is authorized by JAFZA (Jebel Ali offshore company). JAFZA is an organization that registers the offshore companies in Dubai as well as free zone companies with operating licenses.

Dubai Business Services (DBS) is a leading name in the business consultancy industry in Dubai. With 10+ years of rich industry experience, our team of highly qualified, experienced, and professional business consultants ensures to make the process of offshore company formation in Dubai easy and smooth for the clients.

As a professional business setup consultants Dubai, we offer a range of services for setting up business in Dubai including-

  • Mainland business set up services in Dubai
  • Setup and registration of licenses
  • Dubai Free zone company formation cost & PRO Services
  • Services for LLC, professional, branch & representative license registration
  • Offshore company formation services in Dubai etc


  1. Discuss and complete the formalities of offshore company formation in Dubai along with your business consultant including-


  • The process of Company Registration
  • Formalities regarding bank account opening
  • Seeking all the pre-approvals and any other special attestations required to set up the company
  1. Select a name for the company to be registered officially
  2. Complete the formalities regarding the scope of the business activity which could be trade, consultancy, general trading or others
  3. Decide the share capital of the company. An important thing to remember here is that there is no minimum limit of share capital for offshore companies
  4. Once the shareholders, directors, and secretary are nominated and all the documents submitted in order, it takes minimum 3-4 days time for the completion of the company registration process

DBS, as your expert business consultant, can help you open your new business within UAE with 100% ownership, all valid trade licenses, and company registration to fulfill your dream of offshore company setup in Dubai.

We are committed to providing end to end business solutions for setting up your business in UAE while you focus on the core aspects of the business leaving the company formation part to us.

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