21 Profitable business opportunities in Dubai

Dubai is a popular destination for people to visit. There are tons of things that you can do while there, and it’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement, forgetting about important work back home. If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner with an online business, then this post is for you! We’ve compiled 21 ways that entrepreneurs can take advantage of Dubai’s booming economy by starting their own online businesses. Read on below to find out more about these opportunities and how they could help your current company grow exponentially!

21 Online Business Opportunities in Dubai 

1. Ecommerce Business in Dubai

Ecommerce is one of the fastest-growing industries in Dubai. In 2014, e-commerce reached a total value of $2 billion and it’s expected to grow by 10% each year for at least the next five years. With all these new opportunities, you can start your eCommerce business with a little investment.

2. Event Management Company

This is the perfect opportunity for those who are passionate about planning events or just looking for some extra cash on the side. There’s plenty of scope in this sector, with so many organizations holding conferences and seminars every day! If you’re feeling creative, start your own event organizing company in UAE!

3. Software Development Company/Development Agency

It’s hard to find skilled programmers these days in Dubai. If you’re a developer with experience, then the sky’s the limit – there are tons of online business opportunities here that will suit any skill level.

Because there are lots of new companies are opening their business in Dubai, so every company looking for a professional web developer and software developer for their company.

Also, the salary of the app and web developer is much higher in Dubai than in other countries. So, make a team and build your software development agency.

4. Marketing Agency

It’s hard enough to find quality marketing firms these days, but luckily, if you have a knack for it, then there are endless job prospects available in Dubai right now. Companies need help finding their target audience, and they also want more exposure online, which means that someone like you is just what they need!

5. Freelance Writer/Copywriter

If you love to write and share your knowledge with others then Dubai can be a great place for you. We all know that content is king and the demand for quality content is high in Dubai. Every company needs content and copywriting for its marketing purpose. So, keep calm and grab the opportunity to be a high-paying writer in Dubai.

6. Translator

This particular niche has such great opportunities in Dubai because of all of the international companies moving there that need to translate their materials into Arabic or other languages are spoken by people who live in this country. This means you can get contracts with lots of different clients without having more than one set schedule per day!

7. Virtual Assistant

If administrative tasks are what you’re passionate about then working as a virtual assistant might just be for you. There’s always going to be someone out there looking for help managing their emails, scheduling appointments or even doing research online so why not give it a try? You can work from home and set your own schedule so it’s perfect for someone who is looking to live in Dubai but wants the flexibility of working remotely.

8. Social Media Manager

Social media has become such a big part of businesses these days because potential customers are on social media 24/hours a day.

If you have the experience to grow your business through social media then big companies in Dubai are looking for you to increase their revenue.

9. Teaching students

Teaching in Dubai is a growing profession and an opportunity not to be missed. Finding work as a teacher has never been so easy: the internet offers plenty of possibilities that would suit any skill set, experience, or budget.

Whether you are looking for short-term contracts or full-time positions, there are many teaching opportunities available!

The demand for teachers in Dubai comes from the booming population of children living here (almost half of whom do not have English as their first language). If you are good at English or any demanding subjects, then a huge amount of money is waiting for you.

10. Restaurant business

restaurant business

The restaurant business in Dubai has been growing at an incredible rate, much faster than the rest of the country. The population is young and numerous while disposable incomes are on a rise as well. This means more people can afford to eat out each day and restaurants continue to expand because they have steady customers who keep coming back for their food!

So, if you have a passion for food, then consider opportunities in Dubai’s restaurant industry.

Companies were gaining momentum from virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Such trends in technologies place digital elements in real-world environments (such as digital media, graphics, etc.), providing the user with a realistic sensory perception thru electronic products. The potential uses in the leisure or business fields of VR and AR are virtually unrestricted that can be used for different business sectors such as social media marketing, entertainment, immovable entertainment, gaming, health & fitness, art, mode & life, education & formation, and production & supply chains.

The market grows fast; the international market is anticipated to increase by 34.5% from 2019 to 2025. The hardware & System manufacturers bring in some new AR as well as VR product lines continually. Marketers, for example, benefit from different business opportunities and capabilities for the development of augmented and virtual reality, particularly in terms of its ability to improve business operations and provide data in the digital landscape. To give customers greater loyalty and engagement to their products and brands, numerous companies incorporate VR and AR into their marketing plans.

Suppose you are a technical genius or interested in developing and growing consumers’ applications while using different technologies. In that case, AR & VR could be the best opportunity platforms for you.

11. SEO Business


Each business wants two things – to attract new customers and also to get their primary focus.

You have to attract clients and build a world that knows what you have to offer or sell. There is indeed a simple and effective method these days to get customers’ attention, optimizing the search engine (SEO). As the first page of Google accounts for about 90 percent of the share throughout the search, that is something that every enterprise seeks to achieve naturally at the top of the Google search engine results pages (SERPs).

Although many companies worldwide rely on search engines for business generation, most do not know how and when to climb into search engine rankings.

SEO is the real secret. SEO aims to create user-friendly web content. SEO checks all the correct boxes, and you get as near as possible to your website.

If your website is at the top of the search results for Google, more attention will be paid to your website, and your services will be more convincing – which means potential businesses.

So how can SEO become an online company? And as more and more online businesses spread across the internet, most of them will have to be alerted or notified. And very few of them can maneuver the complex search engine world. Then why not fill this gap and use it as an SEO advisor quickly?

12. Webinar Business

A webinar is a live, engaging web-based seminar that includes professional development and conversation in the shape of a presentation of a given subject, product and service (your slide deck can include videos, audio files, and documents). Numerous B2b companies use that as an engagement venue to provide information that will benefit participants and gain valuable insights into their interactions while being an industry expert to support others resolve a significant issue.

You can also generate more ideas through webinars and offer excellent sales opportunities that provide an increased revenue source.

So, how are you beginning a webinar? The best time to begin a webinar is to find a product you can promote and then create an excellent webinar. It would be best if you had a computer or a computer, a camcorder, and a professional microphone tool to begin with.

You might use digital webinars to run free, live, and automated webinars, add a webinar e-mail series to approach more people, and create a helpful demonstration that can help you achieve confidence as well as absolute power with your audience. WebinarJam, Zoom, GottoWebinar, Crowdcast, Zoho Meeting as well as Join. I am among the finest online apps for hosting webinars.

13. Affiliate Marketing Business

Such a business plan can be found anywhere online, but very few people can understand what affiliate marketing is all about. Brands that want to sell products online create new membership platforms that support affiliates (content creators, publishing companies, and bloggers) to advertise and make money from their product lines. To put it more simply, affiliate business is conducted when an affiliate promotes a service or product that inevitably introduces new clients. Of course, each person can buy one of those product lines, the creator of content gets a commission.

You have to approach local businesses or brand names to establish a joint venture to get initiated. A large number of companies and brands would like to sell online products. These firms develop new affiliate programs that find some people with their services and products to develop a business. You can also sign up with membership channels, including “ArabClicks,” “MEAClick,” or “DCM network” to get funds from advertising their product.

14. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is one of the most successful web companies for obtaining profit. The dropshipping strategy involves selling everybody the chance to sell a range of products without the need for a brick-and-mortar store or a warehouse. In essence, you become a retailer and set up an online shop without having to maintain stock and shipments to sell others’ products for a commission. Shoppers order products via their online shop and transmit the order details to their provider. In turn, the client processes, packages as well as ships the product. This means that the supplier and the end customer have a connection.

In other words, you promote products online, but you take the direct path from the supplier to the customer when it comes to their transport. You might use WordPress, “WooCommerce,” “Big Commerce,” “Magento,” and several others when trying to build your e-commerce stores or begin using Shopify. “Doba,” “AliExpress,” Wholesale2B are among the most famous “drop shipping” providers.

15. Health Startups

The healthcare industry is demanding especially more skilled and trained doctors and paramedical staff. Hence, the government itself promotes new investors and entrepreneurs to invest in the said business as further improvement in a patient arriving at the state from neighboring countries for greater medical facilities. Health startups combine value with Dubai business opportunities.

The overall health risks are comparatively more affordable than in European countries. The government has set a separate division for healthcare located in Dubai. 

16. Job Recruitment Agencies

The recruitment agency is yet another excellent option to view before investing in Dubai, UAE. With accelerated and rapid-changing economy consistently requires a large number of the workforce. 

Experts with more knowledge are always in demand. On the other hand, people of central Asia are watching for jobs in the UAE. Consequently, this job-seeker unceasingly reaches job recruitment agencies. This is surely a great business when you speak about Dubai business opportunities.

17. Logistics or Transportation Companies

The ample opportunities are available in logistics. An eager investor or entrepreneur can earn impressive earnings from the transport industry in the UAE. An important boom in the market is expected by the year 2020. 

These types of businesses in Dubai will have a high value. It will have a high influence on transportation; it will grow and vastly extend the transportation industry. This industry consists of inner-city transport to great transport services. Hundreds of private chances are waiting. So, that is a must-add to Dubai business opportunities.

18. Real Estate Business

An investor can triple the money by investing in the most rapidly booming economy in the Middle East. Dubai, the United Arab Emirates contains the record of the tallest building in the world. Projects like skyscrapers, commercial plots, and residences are the most desirable places to invest your hard-earned. Therefore, one has countless opportunities in the number of sections in this industry.

19. Property Management

The residents of the UAE are more firm in financial conditions than one could anticipate. People with great wealth require someone to handle or manage their assets. Indeed, an intelligent entrepreneur or investor can take benefit from managing their properties while earning a handsome amount. 

20. Retailing Shops- Dubai business opportunities

Every year, the retailing business increases at an unbelievable rate. Sky-rocketing of this industry due to increased population, prosperous economy, larger facilities, and higher living standards. Consequently, the investment in opening shopfronts, sheds, and offices is unremittingly productive.

21. Hair Salons

This is an evergreen Dubai market opportunities candidate. This industry needs less investment as opposed to the beauty salon because that needs a huge workspace and employees. A person with low-budget venture plans quickly starts his / her hair salon in Dubai, the UAE.  

Surely, one never neglects to cut off hairs. Men’s Hair Salons are normally more in-demand as a lot of the workforce consist of men. It is a seamlessly successful business.

Final Words

The United Arab Emirates has multiple investment opportunities for local and international investors. If you want to explore them or start a business in Dubai speak to our company formation consultants at Dubai Business Services (DBS).

What types of company setups offer best business opportunities in Dubai?

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