Your Ultimate Guide to Business Setup in Dubai

Business Setup in Dubai or anywhere in UAE offers several perks, apart from the major tax-free environment that lures foreign investors. In Dubai, the government create an investor-friendly atmosphere and boosts global business affairs. Nevertheless, being a distant entity entering the international market, business setup in Dubai can be quite tricky as several factors have to be taken into account. Thus, at DBS Business Setup, the number one firm in professional business setup services in the UAE, bring you an ultimate guide to business setup in Dubai.

In this article, we will explore the details that most guides do not cover! This guide on business setup in Dubai do not just elaborate the procedures of company setup. We at DBS Business Setup are here to help you understand the concepts and legalities involved. So, you may book a free consultation and directly opt to speak to our business setup expert or simply keep reading to know more.

Here is your ultimate guide to business setup in Dubai:

Major Decisions

Before starting a venture, you need to make some major decisions that may cause you to contemplate your ideations. You may have to make decisions of in regards to your business plan or having a back-up plan. But when it comes to business setup in Dubai – decisions with regards your enterprise includes selecting the right business jurisdiction, comprehending the market, the UAE financial policies, legal structure, licensing, documentation and also the list goes on. Before you’re taking those decisions consider to reproof! Simply speak to an expert for bespoke solutions.

Market Research

Before you invest your hard-earned money into this enticing market, is extremely important to research the commercial trends of Dubai and the UAE. An intensive research done under professional guidance is a must to grasp the sustainability and suitability of your endeavour. A business setup in Dubai must adhere to the protocols given out by the UAE government and Department of Economy Development. Whilst the judicial bodies have made it simpler and investor-friendly, several cultural barriers of language and regularities could put a halt on the ideation of your business.

So, before it is hard on your pocket conduct as feasibility study or do a market research specific to your business activity. You may also choose to clarify your doubts through an experienced expert from DBS Business Setup – who can facilitate with detailed information about the UAE market.

Business Licensing

An extremely crucial thing in the process of setting up business in Dubai is licensing. The UAE is an organized country and appreciates synchronization and categorised segregation in every sector. Every business type is columned under a specific license, within the UAE. There are three categories of licenses: commercial licenses – covering all sorts of trading activity, professional licenses – covering professionals, services, craftsmen and artisans and also the industrial licenses – establishing industrial or manufacturing activity. Ensure to get the right license to expand the scope of your business setup in Dubai.

Legal Business Structure

The Commercial Companies Law in the UAE govern the operations of foreign businesses within the country. The Federal Law instructs an equity of not less than 51% to the local national in any type of commercial business activity. Besides, it is also states requirements such as – number of shareholders or directors, minimum capital levels, incorporation procedures, etc.
There are seven categories of legal business structure under the law They are general partnership company, venture company, public shareholding company, partnership-en-commendam, private shareholding company, share partnership company and limited liability company (which is most one of the most preferred type of legal structure).

Immigration and Visa Procedures

Foreign businessmen are given an Investors Visa in Dubai. However, the procedures for an investor to get depended visas or employee visas depend on the business activity, the legal structure, the jurisdiction, etc. The quantity of visa’s issued under a corporation, the eligibility of a residential visa, the medical and emirates ID formalities are some of the other added procedures that need to be taken into consideration. Moreover, various permissions and documentations are ascertained looking on the corporate type. To find out your applicability, connect with our business setup consultants today!

We are here with business setup in Dubai!

Several entrepreneurs have an incredible business idea but aren’t guided in a very thanks to flourish it. Let DBS Business Setup be your ultimate guide! We facilitate your through company formation procedure and monitor your company’s progress until you are ready to do business!  We concentrate on legislative process of your company, acquire all the specified documentation and permission, draft administrative summaries and so much more!

Your ultimate guide to business setup in DubaiContact DBS Business Setup today! Call us on +97145667485 or WhatsApp us on +971551129344. You may also follow this link to connect with a business setup consultant right away!

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