Everything you need to know about business setup in Dubai Mainland?

Everything you need to know about business setup in Dubai Mainland?

Dubai mainland is one of the most preferred business locations among entrepreneurs across the world. Mainland means businesses that are setup in the region that have various conveniences. Dubai mainland company formation offers closet proximity and added convenience to the commercial entity.

Who regulates business setup in Dubai mainland?

Business setup in Dubai mainland is regulated by the Department of Economic Development (DED). Dubai Mainland is a geological designated area by the DED. All the businesses conduct commercial activities under the given authority and permissions of the DED in Dubai Mainland.

What is a Dubai mainland license?

Dubai mainland license is a government document that permits you to conduct businesses in the region. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is a government body trusted to license businesses in Dubai. Commercial entities planning on Dubai mainland company setup apply for a trade license with the DED. There are several documentations, rules and regulations involved in the process of licensing, that may involve other legislative authorities as well. Dubai mainland license cost depends on the type of business activity you are going to conduct.

There are mainly four types of Dubai mainland licenses, those are:

Commercial License for Trading Businesses

Professional License for Service Businesses

Industrial License for Manufacturing Industries

Tourism License for Tours Businesses

What steps to follow for a mainland company setup Dubai?

  1. Deciding a business activity
  2. Getting a name approval
  3. Selections of a local agent or business partner
  4. Acquiring initial permissions and approval
  5. Drafting a Memorandum of Association with the partner or shareholders
  6. Rent an office and get the tenancy contract attested
  7. Submission and collection of the licenses.

What are the benefits of business setup in Dubai mainland?

  1. A business formation in Dubai Mainland has no currency limitations or restrictions
  2. Under a Dubai Mainland business setup, you can regulate the company from any part of UAE
  3. Renting an office is easier, as you can enter into a tenancy in any part of Dubai, giving you multiple options.
  4. Under one license you can participate in a range of activities as mentioned under your license
  5. Free to conduct business or have an exchange with any company without boundaries.
  6. To acquire a Dubai license with no capital is required.
  7. No limitations or barriers on registrations.
  8. No restrictions on the number of visas attained and simpler recruiting process.
  9. A tax advantageous environment with no corporate tax or no personal income tax.
  10. Formation of the company and incorporation process is easier
  11. No yearly auditing required

In some types of business, Dubai Mainland can be used as the only option that can make the business proceeding effective.

What is the Commercial Companies Law in Dubai mainland?

The “Commercial Companies Law” denoted by the Federal Law No.18 of 1988 and its by-law few mandatory measures need to be followed for mainland company formation in Dubai.

One of such provision says that foreign investor have to partner with a UAE national. As per the law 51%  of shares must be held by the local partner. With an additional agreement made between the local partner and the foreign investor 100% rights and control are given to the foreign investor.

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