Apostille Services

An apostille is the certificate that plays a role of authenticating the official seals, signatures and stamps on documents that are issued by the public authority like court orders, marriage certificates, birth certificates, degree certificates, and any other kind of public documents that were issued to use in another country. It is, though, significant to note that apostille are acknowledged only in countries that are part of The Hague Convention. UAE, though, is NOT a member of The Hague convention and hence; such a document must be certified by the foreign ministry of the issuing country as well as by the foreign ministry of UAE to have legal status in UAE. The process is called document attestation or legalization, and the specialized Apostille Services offered by Dubai Business Services, helps you fulfill your apostle attestation requirements in a timely and efficiency way.

It can be a sad experience to be denied for the UAE visa for your failure to get your certificates attested or legalized or worse still, you successfully come into UAE just to learn that most of your certificates are not attested. Dubai Business Services saves you from such experiences and offer you Apostille Services, our experts work hand in hand with you complete all your documentation attestation requirements on time.

Dubai Business Services helps you throughout the process of document attestation for UAE and you can count on us for timely delivery of all attested documents.