Divorce Certificate Attestation

Living in the U.A.E. is not easy when it comes to certificates and document attestation, either of professional and personal nature. Just like many other kinds of documents need attestation in the UAE, the same goes for the divorce certificate. In the U.A.E., the divorce certificate attestation is the process of witnessing a divorce certificate by the authorized Government entity/department, with their official signature and seal. This attestation is used as a source of confirmation that the divorce certificate has been issued and endorsed by the authorized entity/department, and the signature and seal on the certificate is genuine.

The process divorce certificate attestation consists of several steps and a lot of documentation. Unless if one is not familiar with the process and the ways to manage the complexity of the case, getting a divorce certificate attested is a huge, time-consuming and frustrating hurdle. That’s where, the services of a reliable and experienced service provider like Dubai Business Services, come into play.

Dubai Business Services is a leading business services provider in the UAE that is equally catering the document attestation requirements of the individuals efficiently. Our team, consists of experts in document attestation, having more than 10 years of industry experience, provides you secure, fast and reliable divorce certificate attestation services with the minimum hassles. All your documentation is handled by our team and we get your certificates attested in the shortest possible span of time, at cost-effective prices.

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– The Original Divorce Certificate (Please note that even if the certificates are laminated , our experts will remove it carefully and do the attestation )

– Passport Copy


payment is for our service fee and doesn’t include concerned departments fees for which you will be provided original payment receipts after completing the task .