Education Certificates Attestation.

Education certificates attestation is an obligatory process for getting UAE visa to apply for an employment or get a family residency. However, the entire process can be very puzzling, complex, and time-consuming because of a number of formalities. It needs dealing with many departments, officers, as well as other authorities that might be cumbersome for many people. You are supposed to have a sufficient idea of the different guidelines stated by the relevant authorities, which is difficult. So, if you want to get all this done in a hassle-free manner, it makes sense to get the reliable and professional certificate attestation service providers like Dubai Business Services. Our team having years of experience in the field, is fully aware of the entire process and managed all the required formalities well.

Our consultant will collect your documents and carry out all the necessary formalities required as per the set guidelines. Our education certificates attestation process is fast, safe, reliable and efficient.

For your information, we present you a following information regarding the process of education certificate attestation for UAE.

  • Notary Public Stamp on a Certificate (if compulsory) optional for few countries
  • Verification from the State Education Department or Relevant Authority
  • Authentication from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Country of Issue
  • UAE Embassy Legalization in Country of Issue
  • Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE.

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