Dubai Instant License Process , requirements and cost – Issues in one day

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Upload your documents for license registration ,Investor/Partner and dependents visa applications where applies .

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Dubai Investor Residence Visa Services

This service is available once your license has been completely registered in Dubai mainland then we can apply your three years investor/partner residence visa under your business license. Choose if one investor or more partners from drop down menu.

Optional Investor / Partner Visa Services

Allows you to issue investor/partner visa inside UAE and change visa status without having to travel out of UAE in order to issue the visa and change visa status inside country . Don’t tick this service if you will be out of country during visa application process , we will email your visa to you to use it while entering back in UAE to procees with medical fitness test, emirates ID application and visa stamping in passport.

Dependent Residence Visas Of Investors /Partners

Allows you to apply for your dependents husband,wife,son,daughter,father,mother etc.. Dependent visa is valid for three years . select number of dependents from drop down list. You can avail this service once your investor/partner has been stamped in passport and Emirates ID application has been applied.

MOHRE Services

This service is to apply new MOHRE Establishment card (also called MOL Ministry of labor establishment card ) this is mandatory card to apply any employment visas under your company .

Dubai Economy department recently launched Dubai instant license service allowing businesses to register a company without renting an office space for the first year to support startups and reduce initial business setup cost in Dubai.


1-All commercial and professional licenses that don’t require approvals from external departments/authorities or ministries for licensing ,e.g trading license , marketing management etc..

2- Instant license in Dubai is valid for one year and at license renewal you need to rent an office .

3- You are eligible to apply 2 employment visas and your investor/partner visas and dependents visas such as wife,son,daughter .

4- Dubai corporate bank account can be opened with instant license in Dubai and is 100% legal .

5-You don’t have to type,draft,translate and sign an MOA or LSA the first year but before renewal of license next year saving this cost of about AED 2500 to 3500 depending on type of license and number of shareholders and company capital to put in the agreements .

Register Instant license on your own here are the steps(contact us to send you local service agent/local sponsor/corporate sponsor documents those will be needed for registration):

1- visit any service center offering DED (Dubai Economic department services ) such as Tasheel /Taajeel or DED website eservices and register the license online follow the steps and and fill in the form with all teh details such as business activity,percentage of share holders etc.. until you get the payment voucher and then pay for it online and print your instant license .

Instant License Cost:

Name reservation and initial approval fee: 2000 (one time)

DED license fees: AED 8000 to AED 10000

Instant License Fee: 10,000

local service agent fee: AED 8000

Immigration establishment card fee: AED 1300 (required if you wish to apply investor or partner visas)

Our license registration fee: AED 2500 (one time optional service if requested)