Building Cleaning Equipment Trading

There is no doubt that UAE is famous for its well-known buildings and DBS’s professional services. The UAE’s skyline is among the most popular in the world. If you notice, all buildings and monuments have one thing in mutual. And that is they all need to be cleaned. And with new edifices breaking ground every day, the demand for building cleaning services is likely to be heightened soon.

What would be better if you opened a UAE building cleaning equipment trading business with the help of the most experienced people of DBS? Our team are expert in trading business setup in Dubai and can help you with licensing.

We are always there for you to give our best services and support!

From Where Can You Get Help?

You will get full-fledged information and guidance about the licensing process by consulting with our professionals. You can choose a company name by yourself, or we can also help you. Dubai has a set of parameters that you will need to stick to.

There are some additional rules too, which we will cover with you in your initial consultation. You are welcome to offer as few or as many services as you wish, including building cleaning and equipment trading. This is a necessary thing that must be clearly stated on your legal license.

Get your Work done Sooner or later!

Considerations before Starting the process of Licensing

To start the licensing process, you must get all the required information from our DBS team. You will surely need the name of your Building cleaning Equipment Trading business, important documents about your business, etc.

By using your information, our set of enthusiastic professionals will start the process to get your legal license for your trading business setup.

Activity: Mechanical & engineering equipment trading

License Type: Commercial

Documents Required

Trade License Fee Breakdown

Trade License Renewal Cost

Office Options 

Company Investor, dependents, and employee visas cost break-down

Investor Visa Fee

Dependent Visa Fees

Employment Visa Fee


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