Dubai’s tourism industry thrives, and holiday rentals are a goldmine for savvy property owners. Partner with Dubai Business Services to navigate the new Dubai Homes License process and unlock a lucrative income stream!

Why Get a Dubai Homes License?

High Returns: Earn 25-30% more compared to long-term rentals.
Thriving Market: Dubai welcomes millions of visitors annually, boosting demand.
Simplified Regulations: New streamlined licensing makes entry easier than ever.
Dubai Homes License: Key Points

Required for Short-Term Rentals: Rent out your property legally with a Homes License from DTCM and DETD.
Annual Renewals: Ensure your license stays valid with annual renewals.
Types of Licenses: Homeowners get the license, while properties require a permit.
Trade License Zone Streamlines the Process

Getting a home license can be complex. We’ll guide you through every step:

  • Expert Guidance: Our team simplifies the application process and ensures you meet all government requirements.
  • Business Activity Listing: We help you list the correct business activities for your holiday home rental.
  • Company Name Registration: Choose a compliant company name for your rental business.
  • Application & Approvals: We handle the application forms and document collection and liaise with DTCM and DETD.
  • Visa Assistance: Explore visa options for managing your holiday rental business.
    Cost Considerations

The home license typically costs between AED 10,000 and AED 12,000, with additional fees for permits, rooms, and annual renewals. Contact Dubai Business Services for a personalized quote.

Ready to Profit from Dubai’s Tourism Boom?

Don’t let complex regulations hold you back. Partner with Dubai Business Servicese and unlock the potential of your Dubai property with a stress-free Homes License application process. Contact us today and start earning from your investment!