Activity Code: 7020013

Activity Group: Medical Clinic

Activity Type: Professional

License Type: Professional

Price: $6940

Business setup or company formation in Dubai can be a wise decision if you know the profitable niche and know the right procedures for starting your business. Dubai Business Services will assist you to get business registration and license registration in UAE from DED( the Department of Economic Development)  which is a must for running any business in Dubai Mainland or anywhere in the UAE.

If you are planning to start your business service for Forensic Medicine Consultancy, Dubai Business Services is just the best option for you. Basically, Forensic Medical Consultancy provides consultancy by examining the technical reports issued by forensic medicine pertinent authorities, and discuss them with specialists as might be requested by courts, advocates, insurance companies (to determine the extent of physical disability or defect caused by accidents). However, n you do not need to do any type of clinical examination or diagnosis. You will analysis based on the given report.

How Does Dubai Business Services Help You Get Your License?

Dubai Business Services is operated by a team of industry experts, specialized business consultants and public relations officers who possess years of experience in the UAE for establishing a range of business setups. Our proficient team liaisons with the authorized government authorities and relevant regulatory bodies on your behalf, in terms of filing applications, typing, completing documents submission, making transactions and preparing the files, to help you get your license approved in the shortest span of time.

The minimum qualifications for starting this business are bachelor degree in Forensic pathology or related field, and three years of hands-on experience.

Fee Includes:

  • One investor visa
  • Local sponsor fee
  • Virtual office fee
  • DED License fee
  • external department fee not included (if any)
  • deposits not included (if any)
  • Our service fee

Note: External approval fee not included( if any)