Activity Code: 6512004

Activity Group: Insurance

Activity Type: Commercial

License Type: Commercial

Price: $7870

Transportation Risk Insurance

Modern people are fond of travelling. Sometimes they must travel and transport from one place to another. As transportation increase, the rise of risks also increases. As a result, people feel secure when they have transportation risk insurance.

Transportation Risk insurance works on the security and insurance of passengers, goods, other movable, freight remunerations, as well as carriers, such as ships, and road transport means hulls, machinery and accessories. Moreover, insurance against dangers that may arise during their construction, manufacture, use, repair or anchoring is also covered here. Finally, Transportation Risk insurance also includes damages incurred by other parties, as well as other insurance modes which are generally established as insurance against dangers of road, and air.

If you want to start Transportation Risk insurance here in Dubai Mainland or anywhere in the UAE, Dubai Business Services can assist you in getting business registration and license registration in UAE from DED( the Department of Economic Development).


Fee Includes:

  • One investor visa
  • Local sponsor fee
  • Virtual office fee
  • DED License fee
  • external department fee not included (if any
  • deposits not included (if any)
  • Our service fee

Note: External approval fee not included( if any)


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