Activity Code: 4772017

Activity Group: Sports equipment trading

Activity Type: Commercial

License Type: Commercial

Dubai is witnessing the new rising opportunity in the trading industry and a lot of entrepreneurs and investors are all set to make the most of it. If you are planning to start your Emergency Collection Trading company in Dubai Mainland, you must know that trade license is the most important legal document to start. Dubai Business Services helps you get a trading license for your trading company in the simplest and fastest way possible.

Know the Trading Scenario with Us

You are going to succeed in Emergency Collection Trading company in Dubai Mainland if you are well-acquainted with the regional trends and associated market factors. Dubai Business Services not only offers you exclusive services to obtain a license for opening your trading company in Dubai but our industry-savvy, experienced consultants help you understand the market before starting your operations. With us, you get all the necessary information required for your business set up.

Starting a Emergency Collection Trading in Dubai Mainland can be profitable if you know how to handle the associated scenario. If you want to obtain a license for the registration of Emergency Collection Trading in Dubai, Dubai Business Services allows you all the necessary information for your business setup.

How Does Dubai Business Services Help You Get Your Trading License?

Dubai Business Services is operated by a team of industry expert, specialized business consultants and public relations officers who possess years of experience in the UAE for establishing a range of business setups. Our proficient team liaisons with the authorized government authorities and relevant regulatory bodies on your behalf, in terms of filing applications, typing, completing documents submission, making transactions and preparing the files, to help you get your license in the shortest span of time.

What else? We charge a negligible service fee for our outstanding service & 24/7 support. If you are thinking to operate Emergency Collection Trading in Dubai or thinking for the registration of Emergency Collection Trading in Dubai UAE, Dubai Business Services will assist you in fulfilling your journey.


Fee Includes:

  • One investor visa
  • Local sponsor fee
  • Virtual office fee
  • DED license fee
  • Our service fees

Note: External approvals and deposits fee not included (if any)