Military Equipment Trading

Dubai is well known for its secure environment. Government and private law enforcement agencies are doing their job in the best possible way. Thanks to their constant efforts, this emirate is famous for being very safe for everyone.

If you are a businessman living in Dubai and want to start a trade that contributes to maintaining local security, you must consider entering the military equipment trade.

It is pretty simple. You will order special equipment, such as protective gear, apparel, bags and packs, footwear, accessories, and other supplies from international manufacturers and provide them at the local market. Your clients will be mainly private security firms. However, government officers may also buy military equipment from you.

Now that you have decided to enter this business, you will first need to get the proper license in order to start your activity. You cannot avoid this step because you do not want to do anything illegal, right?

You also want your clients to trust you when they deal with you. So, how do you get your Military Equipment Trading License?

Let DBS teams help you with that!     

Get your Military Equipment Trading License Now with DBS

We at DBS provide you with all the assistance you might need to start your business. We will take care of your legal paperwork while you focus on what you do best, which is business. Our highly skilled employees are experienced in areas such as legal consultancy, industry knowledge, and public relations.

They will be happy to guide you at all times, 24/7, and throughout the process of getting your military equipment trade license. DBS’s employees will fill you in with all the necessary details and help speed up things for you.

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Activity: Mechanical & engineering equipment trading

License Type: Commercial

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