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Every type of business is emerging in Dubai, whether it may be a pet salon, beauty parlor business, or news agency business in Dubai. If you are a beginner in the business field, you may consider some factors before starting any business.

If you are thinking about setting up a new news agency in Dubai, then you should know that it requires extensive research, great ideas, brief groundwork, and, last but not least, most importantly, you will need a license. Acquiring a license is not an easy task, but with our DBS, you will quickly get your license.

Get Assistance from Our DBS

Dubai has lots of professionals in every area. You can get assistance from our DBS business expert team. Our team has a special connection with the authorized government authorities. Apart from government authorities, we can connect you with relevant regulatory bodies.

So that you can easily make your file applications, finalize document subordination, make transactions or agreements, and organize the files to aid you in getting your News Agency license.

Just Communicate with us and solve all your license Problems!

Prerequisites for getting the License for News Agency in Dubai

Setting the first stone of any News agency in Dubai can be constructive and challenging. But with a bit of help, you will enjoy every task of your business. What you will need to do is that you will need to talk with our enthusiastic specialists who are there for you at every time of the day.

Just go to our DBS, and our professionals will guide you about all the licensing stuff. You will only need to give the required information about the business, and the rest of the work is on our shoulders. We will provide you with your news agency license side by side, counseling you.

Activity: Trasport, shipping, and storage

License Type: Commercial

Documents Required

Trade License Fee Breakdown

Trade License Renewal Cost

Office Options 

Company Investor, dependents, and employee visas cost break-down

Investor Visa Fee

Dependent Visa Fees

Employment Visa Fee



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