Dreaming of starting or expanding your business in Dubai? The Partnership Visa might be your perfect key. This visa grants foreign entrepreneurs residency and work permits through a local partnership.

What is a Dubai Partner Visa?

This visa allows foreign individuals to:

  • Own a company or hold shares in an existing one.
  • Establish a new business in the UAE.
  • Live and work legally in Dubai.
  • Sponsor family members’ visas.

Benefits of a Dubai Partner Visa:

  • Tap into Dubai’s thriving market: Leverage Dubai’s strategic location, strong economy, and global connections to grow your business.
  • Simplified residency: Live and work legally in Dubai with a renewable visa.
  • Sponsor family: Bring your family to Dubai under your visa sponsorship.

Requirements for a Dubai Partnership Visa:

  • Partnership Agreement: A signed agreement outlining the partnership terms between you and your Emirati sponsor (holding a majority share).
  • Minimum Investment: Invest in a Dubai company (existing or new) with a minimum capital of AED 72,000.
  • Local Sponsor: Partner with a local Emirati citizen who will act as your representative.
  • Business License: The company you’re partnering with must have a valid Dubai trade license.
  • Financial Proof: Demonstrate your financial stability through bank statements or financial records.
  • Valid Passport & Photos: A valid passport (at least 6 months validity) and recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Health Insurance: Secure health insurance coverage as mandated for Dubai residents.

Streamlining Your Partner Visa Journey

The application process can be intricate. Partner with Dubai Business Services to simplify your journey:

  1. Expert Guidance: Our team handles the entire process, from company formation to visa application.
  2. Partnership Agreement: We assist in drafting a clear and compliant partnership agreement.
  3. Company Formation: Need to establish a new company? We’ll guide you through the process.
  4. Document Preparation: We ensure you have all the necessary documents for your visa application.
  5. Application Submission: We handle the application submission to the relevant authorities.
  6. Visa Fees & Medicals: We guide you through visa fees and medical examination requirements.
  7. Visa Approval & Stamping: We support you until your visa is stamped in your passport.

Partner Visa FAQs

  • Visa Renewal: Partner visas are renewable for three years, with updated documents and adherence to renewal procedures.
  • Can I Work with this Visa?: Yes, the visa allows you to actively participate in your partnered company’s business activities.
  • Processing Time: The application typically takes 15-20 working days. For a smooth process, start early and seek expert guidance.

Unleash Your Business Potential in Dubai

Don’t let complexities hinder your entrepreneurial ambitions. With a Partner Visa and Dubai Business Services as your guide, turn your Dubai business dreams into reality. Contact us today for a successful visa application and a flourishing business journey in Dubai!