Real Estate Representative Office

The economy substantially benefits from the real estate industry, resulting in rising demand for the services associated with real estate. In an effort to make new markets accessible and extend worldwide reach, real estate companies are growing their businesses by establishing representative offices around the world. Besides, technology has made such operations extremely convenient for such firms.

Yet, to tap into such enterprise, licensing and paperwork, namely business registration, real estate license, compliance with local rules, contracts and agreements with the stakeholders, and insurance are prerequisites. Regulations can be different depending on the jurisdiction.

DBS is keen on delivering these services and helping you achieve your objectives.

Scope Of Growth In Dubai

Dubai is a well-known landing place for property investment and development; it has a vibrant real estate market. Setting up a representative office in Dubai is fruitful because of its strategic location, international business hub, tax advantages, networking, partnerships, etc. But to avail yourself of these advantages, you must complete the paperwork and acquire a license.

Documentation mainly includes business registration with the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), approval of trade name by DED, acquiring office space specified by DED, preparing a Memorandum of Association, obtaining a representative office license from the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority, and opening a bank account.

Here DBS stands out in performing this rigorous licensing process and getting you legal.

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The DBS clears the route clear so you can accomplish your goal. We build a strong relationship with you while abiding by the laws that obligate you to complete the pedestrian process of licensing.

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Activity: Real Estate Representative Office

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