Ship Chandlers

Includes providing ships and other sea transport units with foodstuff, freshwater, spare parts, medicines…etc. Ship chandlers are usually found in seaports, coastal towns, or the upper reaches of rivers. Ship supply stores are not limited to supplying shippers but also include military equipment, tourism and fishing vessels, etc.

Ship chandler services have become increasingly specialized so that experienced ship chandlers will concentrate on selected areas of expertise such as food, marine equipment, and high-value cargoes.

Ship Chandlers is an international Ship Store located in many ports around the world. Ship Chandlers sells services and supplies to ships at sea, as well as other maritime businesses such as cargo, commercial fishing boats, and Standard Oil tankers.

Ship chandlers promote their various products by such advertising media as circulars (fly sheets), Rockwall signs, and personal contact.

Chandlers are commonly located in towns near the sea, on wharves, and, of course, at large ocean-going ports Ship chandlers are also called Ship Stores or Ship Stores.

This business is to provide specific types of stores not available elsewhere to ships at its location for purchase by the ship’s crew.

Ship Chandler stores are similar to Ship Stores.

Chandlers provide a variety of Ship Stores from ladders, line, and rope, to navigational supplies, food supplies, packaged cargoes, Ship Store fittings, and Ship Store equipment.

Large ports have Ship Chandlery stores that can supply any type of ship store.

Activity: Trasport, shipping, and storage

License Type: Commercial

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