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This is with reference to your inquiry, pertaining to registration of your trademark for the brand names in the United Arab Emirates, for which we thank you.

It will be our pleasure to assist you to register your trademark and take care of all the legal formalities associated with your trademark matters in the UAE and in any other country of the world.

Please be advised that for the registration of trademarks, the products and services are classified into 45 classes according to the International Standard Classification for trademark registration (Nice Classification). Trademarks must be registered in each class separately. Therefore, please let us know the type of goods/products or services which you wish to protect under your proposed trademark so as to determine the appropriate International Standard Classification for your trademark application.

Please find hereunder the charges for trademark search; relevant information, documents required and charges for registration of a trademark in the United Arab Emirates.

Trademark Search

Our charges for conducting one trademark search in one class in UAE are Dhs.700.

Search report shall be sent within 1-2 working days upon receiving the instructions.

Trademark Registration

Our charges from filing up to smooth registration of one trademark in one class in United Arab Emirates are Dhs.18,000.

Note: The above charges does not cover responding to refusal or objection of the application by the Trademark Office or responding against any opposition filed by any third party upon publication of the mark. Any response to office actions, filing petition and filings related to oppositions shall be charged separately.

Payment Terms

  • Search costs (Dhs.700) – payable as advance
  • Advance payment for registration (Dhs.8,000) – payable as advance
  • Balance payment for registration (Dhs.10,000) – shall be payable on expiry of the opposition period.

Following are the information/documents required for filing a trademark application in UAE:

  1. Name, address and nationality of the applicant;
  2. Trade License Copy List of goods/services to be covered by the application (Please note that in UAE the application may be filed under class headers);
  3. A specimen of the mark;
  4. Meaning/translation of mark (for word marks and design marks incorporated with words); and
  5. A Power of Attorney duly notarized by the Notary Public. One Power of Attorney is sufficient for multiple/continuous applications from same applicant.

Note: The original POA has to be filed along with the application at the time of filing.

Please note that, if the application is to be filed under an individual / personal name, a duly notarized no objection letter from all the partners is required and has to be submitted.

Further, be advised that the notarization of the power of attorney (POA) should personally be carried out by the applicant himself and any related fees therein should be borne by him.

Time Frame

It takes around 06-08 months from filing up to registration (smooth process) of a trademark in UAE.


A trademark registration is valid for 10 years from the date of filing the application and it is renewable for further similar period.

Registration Procedure

Initially, you may conduct a trademarks search. Although trademark search is not mandatory, but by conducting a trademark search prior to filing the application, the search result will reveal any conflicting or similar trademarks which have been filed, registered or being pursued by any other party.

With the new rules in UAE trademark office, once filed, the trademark application goes directly for examination and an acceptance or rejection letter is issued. We shall not be able to amend the application in or add and detailing in the trademark during the time of examination. On receipt of rejection decision we may file a petition with prescribed fees submitting arguments for registration.
However, in our experience, the examination and/or grant of petitions delays the registration process considerably. Hence, it may be advisable to conduct searches and immediately go for the filing procedure thereafter. Please note that only word marks are searchable in UAE.

Once the application is filed, the Ministry will conduct a substantive examination of the trademark application which will usually takes 3-4 months. In all cases, the Ministry shall determine the registration of the application whether it fulfils the conditions and terms specified in the Trademark Law and its Implementing Regulations. Once the application is examined and accepted, it is then proceeded for publication in Official Gazette and two local newspapers and shall be kept open for third party opposition period for 30 days. After the publication period (30 days) is over, and if no opposition is filed, relevant registration certificate is issued upon filing the final registration application form.