Transportation Vehicles Rental

It would not be wrong to say the United Arab Emirates has transformed itself into the main business hub. And this happens merely because of its location, remarkable laws for business and new startups, lower tax regulations, etc.

That is why investors from the global tend to enjoy doing business in this country. One of the most prominent industries is the means of transport. And if you come up with the idea of transportation vehicle rental business that is going to start in one of the top-ranked business industries in UAE.

It’s time to reap the advantages of the excellent infrastructure of UAE!!

Setup a Business in UAE

A business has more potential in such a place where the customer for the particular business is on an elevated ratio. UAE is the only suitable place to open a transportation rental services company because this country will give you the fastest and more return that you have spent on starting up. We, the DBS provide our stunning service for the fastest trade license renewal, business license, and type of work permit in UAE.

For sure, if you want to take your at a pinnacle point, then you must have a complete awareness of transportation vehicle rental businesses. Don’t worry; we, the DBS, will let you allow the hassle-free journey of acquiring all the formation related to the industry, market situation and demands, government legalities, and all the other related information to your transportation vehicles rental business.

How Do We Help

Our stunning and experienced team members will guide you through all the essential elements of the business. We can make acquiring your transportation business license the easiest way.

Our extensive knowledge consultant will help you and support you throughout obtaining your business license. Not only this, with us, you only need to pay one time for your license fee and let go of all the worries of renewal for two years.

Activity: Car rent and passenger transport

License Type: Professional

Documents Required

Trade License Fee Breakdown

Trade License Renewal Cost

Office Options 

Company Investor, dependents, and employee visas cost break-down

Investor Visa Fee

Dependent Visa Fees

Employment Visa Fee


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