DHA (Dubai Health Authority) Approvals: Top 3 Quick DHA Approval Tips

Licensing authority in Dubai mainland belongs to DHA (Dubai Health Authority). Dubai Healthcare City consists of the free zone within Dubai’s territory but not all of it. Dubai Health Authority operates four government hospitals and is a regulator of health.

There has been a rise in the needs of medical professionals as the population is growing. The fastest-growing economy in the world, Dubai, has a high need for educated experts. Every year, the city welcomes numerous physicians, nurses, and medical interns to improve their careers in the healthcare industry due to its sophisticated culture and work environment.

However, there are certain fundamental rules that must be followed in order to obtain medical permission in the United Arab Emirates. There is no one license in the United Arab Emirates for all sorts of health care professions. There are four licenses: MOH, DHCC, DHA, and HAAD.

How to get DHA Approval in Dubai?

A DHA license is required to operate as a healthcare practitioner on the mainland of Dubai. It is difficult to obtain healthcare clearance in Dubai unless you contact the appropriate licensing approval authorities. You must complete a large amount of paperwork and provide proper papers. A well-known firm in this sector can relieve you of your approval stress.

DHA license is available in two varieties for healthcare professionals:

  • Full license: Complete authorization.
  • Provisional license: Those who do not meet the complete licensing requirements may choose for a provisional license, in which they will operate under the supervision of an expert or consultants.

Doctors are licensed by the DHA in three categories:

  1. GPs are general practitioners
  2. Specialists
  3. Consultants

3-Step Process to Obtain DHA Approval

The licensing procedure might be intimidating for many doctors considering migrating to the UAE. Doctors seeking a Dubai Health Authority license are frequently confronted with a mountain of paperwork in order to get everything in order and apply for their Dubai license.

Not only is the entire procedure time-consuming, especially when it takes time away from doctors performing their duties, but the application itself may be a “minefield” if you’ve never done it before.

Here is the three-step process for DHA approval;

Step 1: Starting Out 

Obtaining a DHA license is one of the phases in the procedure that begins with the registration of a trading name: for this, submit an online application to the Department of Economic Development (DED). Take the following factors into account while seeking DED approval:

  • The owner’s approval is required to appoint a Medical Director.
  • A construction contract
  • A list of the healthcare experts who will be working is provided.
  • A copy of a valid passport

The visa requirements for visiting Dubai might change at any time, so it is important to stay up to speed with the most recent information.

Step 2: A Brief Overview of DHA Approval in Dubai

The UAE has a well-developed healthcare system. In both the public and private sectors, modern medical facilities provide a high quality of treatment.

The goal of DHA certification in Dubai is to ensure the safe supply of high-quality healthcare to the country’s citizens.

The DHA clearance process in Dubai is a step-by-step procedure that is completed fully online. The clearance procedure takes an average of two months, but it might take up to a year in rare circumstances. If you take care of every step that comes into your pocket, the total cost would be around AED 5000. You may either complete the procedure on your own or engage a firm to assist you.


  • Layout your strategy in front of the appropriate authority
  • Don’t forget to provide a copy of the DED’s trade name reservation letter and the Dubai Municipality’s affection plan.
  • To acquire the needed permission from the abovementioned department, you’ll also need Dubai Municipality approval for your playout plan.
  • If any, letters of a proposal from the partners.

Step 3: Submitting Papers Correctly

This is the most important item to remember while asking for DHA permission in Dubai. It’s critical to understand the licensing procedure before opening a clinic in Dubai. To make the operation run more smoothly, find a service provider.

You must give a comprehensive list of medical professionals and consultants who will be working in your facility as the owner.

The DHA clearance process in Dubai entails carefully inspecting each document and comparing it to the procedures outlined in the document.

If any of your supplied applicants fall into this group, a medical fitness test will be performed.

After the procedure is completed, you will be able to obtain DHA approval in Dubai and begin operating your clinic.

Top 3 Quick DHA Approval Tips

So, if you’re thinking of moving to the UAE and need to apply for a license, here are my top tips:

1.      Invest Your Time into This

You must have your licensing eligibility in place before you can even look for work in Dubai. Due to time constraints, many healthcare companies would reject candidates who do not meet the qualifying requirements. As previously said, the application procedure will take up a significant amount of your time. When applying alone, it might take up to six months for some doctors to obtain their licenses.

2.      Think About the Benefits of Getting Help

Obviously, I have a strong interest in saying this because it is my work on a daily basis to assist Doctors in obtaining their UAE License applications. The most prevalent objection is that why should I pay someone to accomplish something that I could do myself? This concept is applicable to many aspects of life, not only UAE licensing. Why should you employ a painter to beautify your home? Why eat out when you can prepare for yourself?

The reason for this is because you are enlisting the assistance of a professional to complete a task in which they are an expert.

We’ve mastered the UAE license application procedure, lowering the usual six-month application period to six to eight weeks! That means you might get a job faster and, more crucially, be working and earning more money sooner. Our applicants consistently tell us that our service is not only cost-effective but also a huge stress relief — we remove the weight totally off their shoulders.

3.      Exams are Common in Many Cases

Although most doctors are aware that they must pass an exam before getting their UAE license, some are unaware that they must pass an exam unless they meet the exemption conditions. Even if you’ve opted to go for licensure on your own, we offer certain packages that are entirely focused on test-style questions.

Renewal Of DHA License

After one year, you must renew your DHA license. Three months before your DHA license expires, you can apply for a renewal. 

License Renewal Documents

As a healthcare professional, anyone wishing to remain and work in Dubai must renew their licenses/registrations with updated details regarding experience and qualifications. Below is a list of what you will need for license renewal. 

  • You will need a copy of your valid passport
  • A PSV result was obtained 
    • Status of good standing
    • Validity of a license
    • Having experience 
  • Extensive experience update
  • The malpractice policy was renewed

Process Of Renewal

The DHA license renewal process involves the following steps:

  • PSV document should be uploaded
  • You need to upload a new malpractice insurance certificate
  • Submit the license renewal application 
  • Payment of the renewal fee for DHA licenses
  • Review by DHA

Your medical license in Dubai will be instantly renewed and given to you by courier once authorized by the DHA.

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Overall, I can attest from my experience that working in the UAE is highly rewarding (both financially and from a career development perspective). I believe that all healthcare professionals should approach the UAE licensing procedure with an open mind – it might take time and be difficult, but don’t give up! Once you’ve established your eligibility, you’ll be able to pursue a plethora of opportunities!

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