How to Get a Freelance License in Dubai?

How to get a freelance license in Dubai?

Getting a freelance license in Dubai or becoming a freelancer in UAE is way to conduct commercial activities easily. Employees and entrepreneurs with a very limited financial backing become freelancers. They do not wish to deal with the hassle of incorporating an entire company in the UAE and prefer freelancing in Dubai. As a result, they save on the cost of company formation and the additional burden of renting an office space. Also, some individuals get a freelance license as they do not want to take the risk of starting a company in the initial phase. They grow their business being a freelancer in Dubai and when they are confident of their market share, they incorporate the company.

However, to get a freelancer license abiding to the commercial laws of the UAE is a must! A freelance license in UAE grants entrepreneurs an identification. The freelancer business license recognizes the entrepreneurs as a sole practitioner and allows to conduct business freely.


Here is how to get the freelancer license or freelance work permits in Dubai and across the UAE:

  • Decide the jurisdiction that offer freelancer permits or freelance licenses. It is crucial to decide the jurisdiction early and ensure that the jurisdiction allows freelancing for the business activity.
  • Get the application form from the concerned jurisdictional authority. In Dubai, get the application from the Department of Economic Development or the concerned free zone.
  • Submit the typed application along with the business plan. Passport copy, visa copy, resume, portfolio and other original qualification certificates have to be submitted as well.
  • No-objection certificate (NOC) from the employers or sponsor is required.
  • Submit a good standing certificate from the suggested bank. The good standing certificate verifies that the individual has a fitting financial history and funds to start freelancing in Dubai.
  • Freelancer in Dubai can obtain an employment visa through the licensing agent. If the freelancer is sponsored by their respective spouse or employer, then the NOC is sufficient.
  • Being a sole entity, skip renting an entire office space. Make an affordable choice of renting a flexi-desk or a smart office – usually included in the fees for the freelance package.
  • Submit all the related documents to the DED or the concerned free zone authority. This authority will provide the Dubai freelance license in Dubai ad entrepreneur can start doing business.

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