What are the benefits of having a virtual office in Dubai?

What are the benefits of having a virtual office in Dubai?

Dubai is an expanding commercial target in the Middle East, various entrepreneurs and firms set up their office in Dubai. Seldom, owning a property is not possible for businesses, so it is fairly normal to rent a space in Dubai. A virtual office is a rented space in Dubai that gives all the facilities of a conventional office but with a fraction of cost. This benefit is available for foreign investors that need to expand their business formation in Dubai and require an office space through which they can manage their company.

The principal benefit of a virtual office is that you don’t have to bother about the physical ownership and management of the office. As a subject of reality, many virtual offices present imminent resources that will support you to better expand your business.

Virtual offices are most popular in Small and Midsize Enterprises (SMEs) where the business expense is low and owners require maximum profits. It allows the owner to hire workers that can work remotely for the firm. However, you can also designate a third person to carry out your business projects like, main management, financial services, investors, and answering general queries.

Here are the benefits of having a virtual office in Dubai:


Location plays a very significant role when you’re doing foreign business. It is important that you stand out to clients where they are essentially located. Renting office space at their place gives you the power of decision. Having a perfect business place will help you to reach out to your employees and customers quickly.


A virtual office in Dubai doesn’t need any physical space, which indicates you don’t have to set up your office. You just have to spend a leased price and you’re all set.


Virtual offices are the most resilient type of office space. Here, you have the business hours at your own game. You can run your business 24/7 without any limitations. On the other hand, moving or growing your office is also comparatively easier than physical space.

Working Capital

You can save a lot of property by using a virtual office. The cost of furniture, internet services, electronics, tech equipment, etc is not needed in a virtual office. Although you can select some services like a local telephone number that is very important for foreign business.

How to set up a virtual office in Dubai?

In Dubai, virtual offices can be built in Mainland and Free Zones. The procedure of mainland and free zone areas is different so the document and administrative groups are also different. The price of a virtual office depends on the kind of business activity you’re doing in the region.

The virtual office for marketers only presents a business address with the name “Dubai” at the period of marketing. Apart from this, real workspace, bank account, and residence visa are not granted.

A dormant virtual office gives some extra facilities, like employees, telephone and fax numbers. This kind of office space is normally used by web-based businesses.

Want an office space in Dubai? Contact us

At Dubai business services, we can provide a virtual office for you at the most convenient location. Our services include:

  • Rental Agreement Contract
  • Installment benefits and flexible payment
  • Liaising with the Department of Economic Development
  • Added Services available (Fax/Telephone number)

We realize when it comes to office space, not all businesses can afford a lot of costs. So we will assist you to arrange the best office space for your company that satisfies your need. Our business adviser can help you build a virtual office in Dubai and start your commercial ventures as soon as possible.

What are the benefits of having a virtual office in Dubai?Get more information on Dubai Business Services website. You may also call us on +97145667485 or WhatsApp +971551129344 to request a call back or chat with our representatives on our website.

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