How much do Business Setup Consultants in Dubai Charge?

Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

Business setup consultants in Dubai help in setting up a business in Dubai or any other part of UAE. These experts take you through the journey of establishing your company in the speedy and affordable ways. Not just this, once you company is formed, the business setup consultants also assist you through PRO services, documentation and permissions involved in the various company modules.

The Dubai government and the judicial authorities in the region offer easy to setup procedures that are less restrictive. However, most entrepreneurs prefer business setup consultants as they offer reliable and speedy setups. Some of the best business consultants in Dubai offer cost-effective and swift measures for setting up your business in the UAE.

But, how much do business setup consultants in Dubai charge? What are their costs related to company setup in Dubai?

Before to get into the costs involved in setting up a business and the charges of a business setup consultant, let us understand what are the types of services they provide and what are the major responsibilities of a consultant.

Services offered by business setup consultants:

Company Licensing & Registration

Getting a trade license in Dubai or registering a company can be tricky. If you do not have the right knowledge speak to a business setup consultant. Dubai as well as the UAE has plenty of different licenses specific to each sector. With an expert get the right license in no time!

Business Sponsorship

Reliable business setup consultants also partner with you as a sponsor to the UAE company. Through UAE business sponsorship service, business setup consultants handle the sponsorship requirements competently, so you can concentrate on your business growth.

Side Agreements & Security

Company partnership requires secure paperwork that ensures you as a company owner or entrepreneur have 100% operational ownership of the business. Business setup consultants help you draft and legally notarise such side agreements in the UAE. The comprehend with your concerns and offer you complete security.

Visa & PRO Services

Paperwork, PRO assistance and visa support are also essential not only during the setup of the business, but all through the life existence of the company. Business setup consultants are actually a team of legal experts, lawyers and PRO experts that advise and offer hassle-free services on visa applications and PRO assistance related to company formation in the UAE.

Renewal & Amendments

Business setup consultants with their legal expertise and PRO professionals guide through renewals and amendments as well. They deliver and maintain governmental documents for your company as well as swiftly renew you license in Dubai or any other jurisdiction. They are well-versed and familiar with all the legal bodies as they have been dealing for years.

Major responsibilities of a business setup consultant:

  • A business consultant assists you make the crucial decisions during company formation, formulation concerning the governmental requirements and initiation of the various required procedures.
  • Consultants help understand the difference between – Joint Venture Companies, Limited Liability Companies, Branches & Representative Offices of Foreign Companies, Professional Firms; getting permissions and certifications from governmental bodies and several other such procedures.
  • Business setup consultants define the right type of the company setup specific to your business activity. The also guide on the required licenses, the jurisdiction of business setup, the registrations embed to the company formation, etc.
  • A consultant enables you to find a perfect local sponsor or in some cases they themselves – being a UAE owned company could be your local agent safeguard your rights and provide you with command on ownership.
  • Drafting legal documents and agreement with respective semi-governmental and governmental authorities. Moreover, consultants also help with commercial bank account opening, getting permissions and letters from the respective bank.

So, what does a business setup consultant charge for all these services?

Most business setup consultancies offer standard packages that includes all the necessary governmental costs involved in setting up a company. These charges depend on the type of company you plan to setup. Business setup consultants may have a nominal service charge, but they work towards offering UAE company sponsorship. Company sponsorship offers a retainer fees to the business setup consultancy on an annual basis. This fees is paid in exchange of partnering with the company as UAE national, monitoring the company’s renewals and offering added PRO services to the entrepreneur.

There is no doubt that prices may vary from one consultant to another. However, business setup consultants offer an affordable path towards company formation in the UAE. With a consultant you are lesser prone to make mistakes and can save money on possible errors. Also, as business setup consultants are very familiar with the process, they can speed-up the setup and further save you from any late payment fees or delays.

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