How to Rent an Office in Dubai?

How to rent an office in Dubai?

Wondering how to rent an office in Dubai? To setup a business in the region, having an office space as per the directives of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED) is a must!

To rent an office in Dubai entrepreneurs and businesspersons need to go through the tedious routine of documentations, approvals, permissions and logistical setup. Start-up companies as well as SME’s at times struggle to rent an office in Dubai because it usually takes the larger part of the budget. Thus, renting an office in Dubai becomes an additional expense among the various other costs of starting a business. So, if you are an entrepreneur thinking how to rent an office in Dubai, then here are a few suggestions that can help you make the right choice.

Here is how you can rent an office in Dubai –

  • Be Thoughtful

While renting an office in Dubai you must be thoughtful and understand that each office space requires to be distinct. Apart from having a conditional structure to suit the commercial activity of the business, the office must also resonate the brand. The office space needs must positively impact your potential clients. Hence, be considerate and thoughtful before you finalise the rented office space in Dubai.

  • Analyse Demographics

A rented office space in Dubai needs to be demographically accessible. You must analyse the demographics of the office space that you are planning to rent. Analyse if the location of the rented office space will help boost the demand and supply. Also, analyse if the office will provide business opportunity, cope-up with competition, allow you to stay on budget, consider the laws of the jurisdiction, etc.

  • Consider Business Centres

Renting offices within business centres in Dubai is an ideal option. You do not need to worry about the maintenance and day-to-day expenses of running an office. The expense of renting an office within a business centres in Dubai is so much more affordable than renting an entire office to yourself. Infrastructure, furniture and several other such services are facilitated within a business centre. Business centres do not only reduce the cost but also make it super swift, convenient and comfortable. So rent an office in a business centre to just walk-in and get down to business!

  • Understand Documentation

Tenant’s passport copy, residence visa copy and Emirates ID copy is required to rent an office in Dubai. These documents are drafted and attested with the tenancy agreement. Generally, a security deposit cheque is collected which is around 5% of the annual rent for an unfurnished office and 10% for furnished office (might vary). Tenant’s also need to apply for Ejari which is an online registration system. Ejari is monitored by Real Estate Regulatory Agency in Dubai and records all rental contracts in Dubai. Ejari is applied simultaneously.

  • Business Setup Service Providers

In need of serviced offices for rent in Dubai? Get in touch with a business setup service provider. Business setup service providers offer full-furnished ready-to-move-in offices in Dubai. These offices come with telephones, DEWA, internet, WiFi, conferences and pantry services. Even administration staff and IT support is provided at time! Business setup service providers offer complete services that save you from all the unnecessary baggage and additional cost proving to be an affordable path.

  • Consult an Expert

This why the best way to rent an office space is through getting in touch with an expert who can help you under the obligations before proceeding. Business setup experts in Dubai offer offices at a lower cost through their contacts and references.

To establish a new business in Dubai, it is essential as well as mandate under every given circumstance to have an office space. A commercial space has certain necessities, whereas building an entire office from starch is not practical and can be extremely difficult – especially for start-ups.

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