How To Get Investor/Partner Visa Dubai: An Ultimate Guide

If you are looking for an investor/Partner visa in UAE, then Dubai has to be your destination. There are many options available in Dubai, but an investor visa is the most popular one. This visa is also known as the golden visa, and it offers great benefits to people who choose to invest their money in this region.

Dubai is one of the most popular destinations for foreign investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world looking to relocate. In fact, Dubai has been ranked as the top destination of multinational companies in recent years.

What is Investor/Partner Visa Dubai?

Investors and business partners from other countries may apply for this visa. The investor or partner can live in Dubai as long as they wish, and the visa remains valid. The visa allows you to visit Dubai anytime during its validity period, without having to renew it again and again.

Investor and Partner visa Dubai is a non-immigrant visa category for foreign investors and their families to live and invest in the UAE. Investors and partners of a business can come to the UAE as long as they meet certain minimum investment levels. Depending on the amount invested, applicants will be able to apply for either an Investor or Partner visa.

To help you understand the different visa categories for investment in UAE, we’ve compiled this list of visas that can be obtained by investors and their families.

Types of Investor Visa

There are four categories of Dubai Investor Visas:

Property Investment as a Visa

Individuals who choose to invest in residential property worth AED 1 million or more, with a maximum of 50% of the property value under a mortgage, are eligible. If each individual’s stake in a jointly owned property is valued atleast AED 1 million, they are qualified to apply.

It must be a single residential property, not a business property. Furthermore, the visa is only available for freehold residential properties; off-plan properties are not eligible for this visa.

The visa is valid for three to five years and can be renewed as long as the investor owns real estate in the country.

Investment Visa for a Company

Individuals who choose to invest in or create a business in Dubai’s mainland or other free zones are eligible. The Dubai Economy currently offers over 2,100 different types of business permits for starting a firm on the mainland.

In order to start a firm on Dubai’s mainland, you’ll either need a partner with UAE citizenship who will be a majority shareholder or an agent who will deal with government authorities.

For the first time in the country’s history, recent regulatory amendments have removed the necessity for commercial businesses to have a majority Emirati shareholder or agent, allowing for 100% foreign ownership of companies on Dubai’s mainland for the first time.

This visa is available to investors who possess shares in a firm worth at least AED 72,000 or who are starting a business with a capital investment of the same amount.

Visa for Retirees

This visa type was created specifically for investors over 55 who want to retire in Dubai’s wonderful sun. Individuals who invest in a property worth AED 2 million, have acquired funds worth AED 1 million, or have an active monthly income of at least AED 20,000 are eligible for this 5-year visa.

Residence Permit for Long-term

Investors who meet particular conditions are entitled to a 5- or 10-year residency, depending on the magnitude of their investment in the country, under this newly created visa. Also eligible to apply are the investor’s spouse, children, one manager, and one advisor.

The 10-year residency visa is available to investors who invest at least AED 10 million in the UAE, either through a deposit in an investment fund or by forming a company in the UAE with a capital of at least AED 10 million, or by partnering in an existing or new company with a share value of at least AED 10 million, or by investing a total of AED 10 million in all of the above areas.

The long-term visa is only granted to individuals who meet the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs-additional Dubai’s requirements.

How to Apply for an Investor/Partner Visa in Dubai

These are the steps to take if you wish to apply for a Dubai Investor Visa:

  • Apply for a visa at an immigration office, a typing centre, or a Tasheel centre.
  • To get a medical fitness exam, go to any government health centre. You will be prompted to name a health centre you wish to attend while filling out the entry permit form.
  • At an Amer Centre, an Emirates ID application is typed. At the time of submission, bring your original Emirates ID (if applicable), pictures of your family, and Emirates ID applications of family members to a Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship centre.
  • You will be required to give biometric data if you have never applied for an Emirates ID previously.
  • As part of your visa application, you must purchase health insurance. Examine the many health insurance providers in Dubai to choose which one best meets your needs.
  • In order to change your visa status to an investor residency visa in Dubai, go to any of the Amer centres located across the city.

Documents Required for Investor Visa

These documents are required as part of the Dubai investor visa application if you are investing in or starting a firm on Dubai’s mainland.

  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number) Sponsor’s phone number
  • Card of Incorporation
  • Memorandum Papers (MOA) as proof of ownership stake
  • There is only one photograph with a white background.
  • Partner’s current visa in the United Arab Emirates
  • a copy of your partner’s passport
  • Original Emirates ID of the sponsor
  • Copy of the Trade Licence

Costs of an Investor Visa in Dubai

When applying for a Dubai investor visa through an Amer center, the cost is as follows:

  • Individuals in the UAE pay AED 1,175 for an entry permit, while those outside the UAE pay AED 525.
  • AED 675 for a change of status (not required for individuals entering from outside the UAE)
  • AED 870 (about) for visa stamping
  • AED 405 is the Emirates ID
  • AED 322.5 for medical tests

Please be aware that the immigration establishment card required for the Dubai investor visa incurs additional fees. The Dubai Economic Department charges for trade licenses, which are not included in these figures.

Investor Visa Requirments for Sponsoring Family

You can sponsor your family members to become UAE residents as an investor. You can contact the immigration department to apply for your family’s Dubai residency visa once your investment visa has been stamped in your passport.

The documents are required for family members to be sponsored:

  • If you’re the sponsoring spouse, you’ll need attestation of your marriage certificate.
  • If you’re sponsoring a child or children, you’ll need attested birth certificates.
  • Tenancy agreement for a house. A two-bedroom house is a bare minimum.
  • You must deposit a bank guarantee for each member, which is refundable after the Visa status is revoked.

Investor Visa Benefits

The following are the primary benefits of a Dubai Investor Visa:

  • 100 percent repatriation of profits and investments
  • There are no taxes in this atmosphere
  • Dubai Resident Visa for three years
  • The investor has the advantage of being able to use multinational recruiters
  • You can sponsor-members of your family to become UAE citizens. Your parents, spouse, and children can all be sponsors.
  • In the UAE, opening a corporate bank account is simple
  • The investor is given the option of having an Emirates ID
  • You are allowed to stay outside the United Arab Emirates for a maximum of one year without having your residency revoked.

The Visa Application Process in the UAE

It doesn’t have to be difficult to apply for a visa in the UAE. If you follow the steps correctly, the process is really simple. However, there are a few things that all candidates should be aware of in order to ensure that their application is successful and that it is not delayed unduly.

Simply make sure that your passport is valid for at least seven months and that it has three blank pages for your visa stamp before submitting your application. It’s also crucial that you don’t stay outside the UAE for more than 180 days; otherwise, your visa may be revoked.

Additionally, there are a few country-specific regulations to be aware of; it’s crucial to double-check them with a professional who can advise you on any additional requirements ahead of time.

The best method to ensure that your visa application goes as smoothly as possible is to work closely with your free zone authorities or a company formation specialist. They can usually handle the heavy lifting for you, with only a few hours of your time required.

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