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The demand for education exceeds supply, according to industry leaders. UAE residents expect to reap the rewards from education and training providers that offer the kind of education they want.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) must first be consulted if your company intends to offer training in Dubai. KHDA regulates Dubai’s private education sector (it operates independently of the rest of the UAE) and requires a number of steps for the establishment of new providers before they can begin offering services.

Then what is KHDA, and how does one obtain approval from KHDA?

KHDA( Knowledge and Human Development Authority)

There are significantly more private and foreign institutions in Dubai than in any other emirate, making it the UAE’s educational hub. To ensure high-quality education is offered in Dubai, the KHDA was created by the government. Schools can be inspected by the KHDA, rated publicly, and fined for failing to meet KHDA standards.

How to Get KHDA approval: 5 Easy Steps

The following steps must be completed by companies that wish to set up an education firm in Dubai.

1. Specify Education Type and Location

The KHDA welcomes proposals for a wide range of education-related activities, including early childhood care, private tutoring, on-the-job skills training, and management training. As you can expect, the application procedure differs based on the type of activity you want to provide.

If you’re a higher education institution, you’ll probably want to be situated in the Dubai International Academic City. Keep in mind, though, that suppliers of certain types of workplace training may prefer a free zone dedicated to the sector they serve. Here’s where you can learn more about free zones.

2. Make Sure your Registration Plan is Complete

This is the most critical and time-consuming stage of the KHDA clearance process in Dubai. You must provide a thorough registration (business) strategy. This must provide information on:

  • Introduction to your organization — demonstrating your mission and the value you offer
  • Analysis of needs – showing the need for your sort of training
  • Information for shareholders
  • Experience on the job – includes appropriate qualifications
  • According to the KHDA’s categorization, training services
  • Non-training services – information about additional activities
  • Certification – details on the types of certificates you offer
  • Equipment and classrooms are among the resources and facilities available
  • Marketing – demonstrating how you intend to get the word out about your company
  • Process of attracting new customers
  • Undertakings – specific undertakings that demonstrate your knowledge of applicable legislation
  • Appendices and a list of training courses you will give

3. Fill Out the Application Form

Following that, you must fill out an educational services permit form. The form is very straightforward to fill out. However, it is usually helpful to have the assistance of a company formation professional while completing any of these procedures.

Although the educational services permit form is very straightforward to complete, it is always beneficial to get the advice of a business formation professional before completing any of these procedures.

4. Prepare the Necessary Documentation

You will need to gather the necessary documentation to accompany your application. The following documents will be included:

  • Initial authorization and name reservation from the relevant commercial authorities
  • Form of application (all fields should be typed)
  • Plan your registration
  • All stockholders of the institute have colour passport copies
  • Copy of the director/manager of the institute’s passport in colour.
  • Each shareholder and the manager must sign in front of a notary public
  • CV for a director or management
  • Certificates of qualification for the management
  • Include a board decision from the mother business announcing the creation of the institute in Dubai / a certificate of good standing if one of the shareholders is corporate.

Aside from the institute-related documentation, you will also need to supply copies of your trade license, a tenancy contract if you operate from premises, and an environmental health and safety certificate, if applicable.

5. Upload your Application

You must submit your application online using the KHDA e-services site. As part of the application process, you will be required to pay any applicable fees.

Final clearance can be given in a couple of days for smaller companies, but it may take longer if you are a bigger organization.

The UAE is an Ideal Location to Set Up a School

Dubai, and the UAE as a whole, has a rapidly rising population that places high importance on private education. It’s an enticing potential for education and training providers, according to Alpen Capital’s GCC Education Industry 2016 report:

Private schools account for over half of all schools in the UAE and more than three-quarters of higher education. From 2009 to 2014, enrolment in tertiary education institutes increased by almost 9% each year.

The annual costs for private schools range from AED 1,725 to AED 98,649.

How to Obtain an Educational Training Licence in Dubai

Training institutes can be set up either on the mainland or in one of Dubai’s free zones. Obtaining an approval/training permit from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority is one of the most important requirements for opening an educational training facility.

Issuance of Permits for Training Institutes:

This is a list of sample documents that must be submitted when applying for this e-Service. For a complete collection of documentation, please log in to the e.services.

Phase 1

  • The first step is to submit an application for a new Educational Services Permit.
  • Reservation of a trading name and first approval from the appropriate commercial authorities
  • Plan for Registration of Training Institutions
  • NOCs from various government agencies were required throughout the registration process
  • List of Courses

Phase 2

  • Commercial License
  • Map of the location.
  • Contract of Lease.
  • Certificate in Environmental, Health, and Safety.

New Programme Application for Higher Education

To satisfy the demands of students, the economy, and the growth of the Emirate of Dubai, the KHDA strives to maintain an environment of approved, high-quality institutions and programs. Prior to the launch of any new higher education programs, permission from the KHDA is required.

The filing of an Eligibility Application for each new program is the initial step in the application process. A new program or a new pathway to an existing program authorized by the KHDA, or significant adjustments to an existing program, is referred to as a program. Each pathway should be considered as a distinct new program proposal for the purposes of the approval process.

1. The Application for Eligibility

The Eligibility Application is the initial step in an existing institution’s application to offer a new higher education program in one of Dubai’s Free Zones. The following information should be electronically provided to the KHDA. While there is no set size for this document, it is expected to be around two pages long. The KHDA will undertake a review and give a decision within ten working days after receiving a completed Eligibility Application.

For each program recommended, include the following information in a separate PDF document.

  1. The program’s title, level, and length
  2. When a HEP Branch submits an application for Initial Registration via Validation:

i. Determine the start date of the HEP Home program.

ii. Determine how many cohorts have graduated from the HEP Home’s program.

iii. Determine who gives HEP Home certification or another valid type of external approval.

iv. Is there any professional accreditation for the curriculum, and if so, will it be extended to the branch campus?

  • The anticipated start date of the programme in Dubai
  • The program’s justification for being implemented
  • A brief explanation of the target market and the program needed. At this time, there is no need to send proof to support the demand.
  • Approval from the HEP Home to launch the program in Dubai in the case of a HEP Branch
  • Evidence of enough resources, including professors, to support the program’s launch.

If the KHDA approves the application, the applicant will be invited to move on to Stage 2 of the procedure.

2. Quality Check

Whether the application is from an established HEP Branch of an internationally accredited Higher Education Provider or an established private higher education institution with local accreditation from the Commission for Academic Accreditation and institutional licensure through the Ministry of Education will determine the process for the Quality Review stage of the new program application.

Applicants with an established HEP Branch must submit the initial program application paperwork to the KHDA. The KHDA’s University Quality Assurance Board (UQAIB) will evaluate the documentation. This documentation has two submission deadlines: February 1st and September 1st. Complete submissions received by the 1st of February will often receive a decision by the middle of April, and complete submissions received by the 1st of September will typically receive a decision by the middle of December.

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Applying for KHDA clearance may be a time-consuming and difficult procedure. The specific steps you must take may differ depending on the type of training or education you intend to provide. Working with a business formation professional reduces the headache and provides true peace of mind in this situation. Once you’ve registered and set your shop, you’ll have access to a market eager to learn.

It has never been easier to start your own business. DBS handles everything so you can focus on what really matters: growing your business.

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