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Ajman Offshore Company Formation UAELooking for growth-oriented, low-cost and profitable location for offshore company formation in UAE? Dubai Business Services connects you to Ajman Offshore Business Opportunities!

After Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), there is no doubt that Ajman is the next best destination of international entrepreneurs and businesses in UAE. The benefits of offshore company formation in UAE are going beyond Dubai, reaching UAE’s other states, in particular, RAK and Ajman.

Dubai Business Services, with an aim to maximize the ROI of its clients by facilitating them to establish in UAE in the most effective way, through diverse and customized business set up services, now offers offshore company formation services in Ajman. Our company endeavors to connect businesses with the promising market of the region and helps setting up in UAE successfully.

Why Ajman Offshore Company formation?

For the businesses seeking for progressive opportunities for offshore company formation in UAE, Ajman presents a lot of choices characterized by tax incentives, ownership rights, secrecy and privacy and low-cost operations.

The Government of Ajman executes investor-friendly policies and regulations, welcoming all kinds of international business ventures and foreign entrepreneurs and investors in the region to avail mutually-beneficial business opportunities.

The Benefits of Ajman Offshore Company Formation

Ajman offers all those benefits that are expected from offshore company formation in UAE, including:

  • No requirement for local sponsor or partner
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Property ownership for non-residents in UAE
  • Bank account policy’
  • No minimum capital requirement
  • Fast incorporation of company
  • Names of directors and stakeholders, assets and information can be kept confidential
  • Full ownership on intellectual property like Trade Marks, patents, and copyrights

However, like offshore company formation in any other UAE’s state, the process at Ajman also requires businesses to go through the entire process of offshore company formation, with strict compliance to the regulations. Dubai Business Services eases this problem by completing the entire process on your behalf with international standard quality services for business set up in Ajman. Our specialized local team works hand in hand with our clients as well as regulatory authorities to complete the process in the most efficient way and shortest possible time.  To set an appointment, give us a call today.

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