What are the options you have for starting a business in Dubai free zones?

What are the options you have for starting business Dubai free zones?

Expatriate investors, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and startups can find great business opportunities in the international business hub of Dubai and the Free Zones of the UAE. It is one of the best places to settle your business in terms of growth, long-term success, tax customs, added benefits, incentives, legal framework and the physical infrastructure. A special framework of rules, regulations and taxation rules apply for businesses in the Free Zones.

With lucrative tax-free offers free customs duty, and no corporate tax payments, the free zones have been the center of attention in the world. Every free zone has been designed to cater to certain categories of business and license is provided when the business meets the criteria of that particular free zone. Starting a small business in a free zone in the Emirates is a wise choice that has longstanding benefits.

Benefits offered by the Free Zones in UAE

  1. You are allowed to have 100% ownership of your business even if you are a foreigner. A local partner or a sponsor is not mandatory in this regard.
  2. Full tax exemptions are provided on importing and exporting.
  3. You have the liberty to open bank accounts, and setup more than one business.
  4. The free zones allow owning properties with features like 25 years lease, facilities of warehouses and more.
  5. The paperwork needed to setup the business; the formalities and obtaining the license are simple and devoid of complications.
  6. The capital investment is not limited to a certain amount.
  7. The cities are well connected and have flexible communication systems.
  8. Information relating to shareholders and directors are kept in full confidentiality, protecting your privileges as a foreign business owner.

The low cost features, the opportunities, the programs and the support provided by the government are highly beneficial for businesses, especially startups and SMEs. The economic stability of the Emirates attracts investors from all over the world. There are more than 20,000 businesses in the free zones. The interest and zeal of the foreign business owners in the free zones provide the evidence of it being a potential international business hub.

If you are looking for great opportunities in an economically beneficial region that has facilities for the best business to start, then United Arab Emirates Free Zones should be your first choice.


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