How to Setup a Branch Office in Dubai?

How to setup a branch office in Dubai?

As a foreign entrepreneur you may want to have branches of your parent company across the world. However, setting a branch office in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE offer you additional perks. Unlike any other region, starting a branch office in Dubai offers an international platform, geographically strategic location, tax benefits, first-class infrastructure, etc. Nevertheless, incorporating a representative office in Dubai or a branch company does involve a lot of requirements.

So, if you are wanting to setup a branch office in Dubai, then consider appointing a business setup service provider. Business setup service providers can take care of all the hassle, while you can reap the benefits. To know the process of starting a branch office or the cost of setting up a representative in Dubai book a free consultation with an expert at DBS Business Setup.

You may also read the procedures involved to setup a UAE branch office in Dubai here:

  1. Setting up a branch office in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE requires a local agent. Local agent agreement must be notarized and submitted to the DED.


  1. The Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED) holds the trade name for the foreign company or the parent company.


  1. The parent company needs to submit the certificate of incorporation or the trade license

along with the attested Board of Resolution and Power of Attorney to the DED.

  1. The Memorandum of Association (MOA) or the Articles of Association (AOA) is also an essential document submitted with the application to setup a branch office in Dubai.
  1. Also, the passport copies of the investors, the parent company papers and preliminary approvals have to be submitted to the DED to get the initial approval.


  1. An approval from the Ministry of Economy (MOE) is also required to setup a branch office in Dubai. The MOE provides an application that must offer information about the parent company – such as the head office address, business activity, shares allotted, etc. The MOE may demand additional documentation about the parent company.


  1. After the MOE provides approval, the certificate is submitted to the DED. Any added approvals are also submitted at this stage as per the business activity performed by the branch office.
  1. After the entire process if followed and all the necessary steps and documents are approved by the DED a commercial license is issued to the branch office.


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