6 Thing you need to know while setting up a startup in Dubai

6 Thing you need to know while setting up a startup in Dubai

Dubai is a city that is excellent for setting up a startup in Dubai. Dubai has one of the largest business infrastructures and ecosystems that promote business growth. There is a lot of possibilities to be tapped by businesses here. The various multi-national population forms the perfect audience pool to examine out any new ventures.

Why decide on setting up a startup in Dubai?

  • Ease of Doing Business
  • Government Assistance
  • Cost-effective Business Setup Package
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Distinct Talent Pool
  • Easy Path to Global Markets
  • Robust Transport and Logistics Support
  • Technology Infrastructure, and,
  • Many more elements that are supporting the startup growth

However, there are several key areas to be considered while setting up a startup in Dubai. Decreasing the overall business setup cost is the key center of all startups.

Startups would need a lot of investor funding for Product Development, Software Development, and Testing.

The 6 thing you need to know while setting up a startup in Dubai:

  1. Assess all the options in detail

Dubai has a lot to offer for startups and managers looking for setting up their stores.

There are 40+ Free Zones in the UAE that allow multiple business setup packages.

Aiming to strengthen the local presence in UAE, then LLC business Setup is the ideal option. Investors can pick from a wide range of business ventures spread across retail, trading, services, etc.

They can also watch at opening a Civil Work Company for delivering expert services in the Mainland of Dubai.

Dubai offers a wide variety of business setup options for entrepreneurs. They can get a well-informed decision in picking the right business jurisdiction.

  1. Begin a service company & get 100% ownership

The key advantage of a Services Company in the mainland of Dubai is:

  • Receiving 100 % ownership of the company, and,
  • Operating & Growing the business in the local UAE market.

The foreign investor must select a Local Service Agent (LSA) as a Government liaison. The LSA Agreement has to be renewed annually by paying a fee.

Also, the Free Zones in Dubai will present investors with a host of benefits such as:

  • Tax Savings – No Corporate or Income Tax
  • 100% Foreign Ownership,
  • 100% Profit Repatriation,
  • World-class Business Support,
  • Attractive Company Formation Packages, etc.

The Free Zone is the perfect opportunity for:

  • Service Companies
  • International Trading
  • Logistics Companies
  • Overseas Exporters

Owning a Zero Customs Duty for Import/Export to and from the Free Zone offers it an ideal choice for trading companies.

Also, the Freezones of Dubai is moreover attractive option for investors due to:

  • Easy way to the Airports and Seaports of UAE,
  • On-Premise Customs Clearance,
  • Warehousing Ease, etc.
  1. Find an experienced consultant

For foreign investors and startups trying into the UAE market, it is sufficient to proceed with an experienced Business Consultant.

The company formation method in Dubai is mostly straightforward. It needs a few paperwork, documentation, and approvals.

A proficient PRO agent would be managing all of these tasks on behalf of the investor and ensure a hassle-free business set up in the UAE.

Hence, to save time, money, and energy it is best to take the help of an expert business consultant and have a healthy business setup in the UAE.

  1. Choose business license rationally

Keeping the Business License is one of the most critical steps in the company formation process. Based on the business enterprise, you must choose the right business license.

Dubai is valid in terms of the law. The companies serving specific business activities must be having a valid business license.

Else, the company will be punished with fines and license termination.

For example, a heavy machinery trading business in UAE must be having a trading license with a project specified as heavy equipment trading.

A general trading license would not serve for such special activities.

  1. Investor visa and employee visa quota

The investor must have a fair understanding of the following:

  • Investor Visa Guidelines,
  • Register of Restricted Nationalities,
  • Complexities of Visa Processing for Certain Passports,
  • Added Documents Required, Visa Fees, etc.

Based on Government Regulations, immigration has specific criteria in issuing residency visas to a few countries, demographics, and passport holders.

The Visa charges differ across the free zones and in the mainland. Free Zones have fixed Visa Quotas for their businesses.

Also, there are some extra costs that the investors have to be aware of: Fees for verification card, immigration process, and visa processing.

  1. Forming an LLC business startup

Another interesting choice for Business Setup for Startup is by forming an LLC company. If the investors are seeing for a long term business plan, and have a UAE National to help them, they can look at forming an LLC Company.

Also, LLC Company Setup assists in penetrating the local UAE market more efficiently. Expand business quickly through opening branch companies.

Setting up a startup in Dubai made easy with DBS Business Setup:

Startups will be continually looking at the following to obtain business sustainability:

  • Lowering the business setup cost, and,
  • Overcoming the operating expense

There are a handful of options for an investor looking for startup opportunities in Dubai. However, the setting up a startup in Dubai with DBS Business Setup is the most easy and affordable way to proceed.

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