Start a Real Estate Development Company Dubai

Start a Real Estate Development Company Dubai

Dubai has become a great place for all to start a new business. No matter what kind of business you want to start, Dubai has all the required resources to offer you. Dubai is famous for its ability to attract investors from all over the world. Are you planning to start a real estate development company in Dubai?

If yes, then you have taken a good decision. All you need to understand the process of real estate company formation to start your company. However, here are some useful tips that you can follow to start the company. But it will be good for you to take help of startup business consultancy to complete the process easily.

Tips for Establishing a Real Estate Company in Dubai

  1. Choose the Location for your Unit

In Dubai, you will find some areas marked as free zones and some are marked as mainland zone. You need to choose one. If you want to enjoy more benefits then go for mainland business. Dubai has lowered the rules and regulation regarding setting up the new business.

For successful company formation, most of the businesses are required to be 51 percent owned by a UAE national. But you will enjoy complete ownership. Besides, you will enjoy other benefits such as no corporate tax for 50 years, no need to give personal tax, no currency restriction and more.

  1. Choose the type of Business

You can choose from seven different types of company formation. These are limited liability Company, joint ventures, partnership in commendam, normal partnership, private and public shareholding, and share partnership. So, choose what kind of business unit you want to start.

  1. Registration and Obtaining the Trade Name

You need to register your new real estate unit and need to obtain a valid trade name from the Department of Economic Development of Dubai. Now, the registration process can be completed online. While submitting the registration form, you need to provide all the required documents asked by the department. Once all the papers get approved, you will get your commercial trade license to start doing your real estate business.

  1. Complete the Required Training Courses

To get your real estate license, you will have to complete training courses. The RERA– Real Estate Regulatory Agency will give you the license. It is mandatory to take the Real Estate Certified Practitioner’s Training Course to do real estate business.

Keep these things in your mind and follow then to establish a real estate business in Dubai. If you want, don’t hesitate to take the help of business consultancy services to know and complete the real-estate business formation easily.

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