Navigate Your Path to Dubai Business Ownership: The UAE Partner Visa Rules (2024)

Navigate Your Path to Dubai Business Ownership: The UAE Partner Visa Rules (2024)

Unlock exciting entrepreneurial possibilities in Dubai with the UAE Partner Visa Rules. Dubai Business Services simplifies the process for you.

What are a UAE Partner Visa Rules?

This visa empowers foreign investors and business owners to live, work, and invest in Dubai. It allows you to:

  • Establish or Expand Your Business: Launch a new venture or inject capital into an existing one.
  • Secure Residency: Live and work legally in Dubai for three years (renewable).
  • Sponsor Family: Extend residency to your family members under your visa.

Key Requirements:

  • Partnership Agreement: A signed agreement outlining the partnership terms with your local Emirati sponsor (holding a majority share).
  • Minimum Investment: Invest in a Dubai company (existing or new) with a minimum value (AED 72,000 or more).
  • Local Sponsorship: Partner with a UAE national who holds a majority stake in the company.
  • Business Registration: The company must be legally registered and possess a valid trade license.
  • Financial Stability: Provide evidence of sufficient funds to support yourself and the business.
  • Valid Passport & Photos: A passport with six months validity and recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Health Insurance: Obtain valid health insurance coverage.

Hassle-Free UAE Partner Visa Rules Application with Dubai Business Services:

1. Partner with Us: Let our experts guide you through the entire process, from company formation to visa application.

2. Craft a Partnership Agreement: We’ll assist you in drafting a clear and compliant agreement with your local sponsor.

3. Company Formation (if needed): Establish your business and obtain the necessary licenses for operation.

4. Gather Required Documents: We’ll ensure you have all the necessary documents for a smooth application.

5. Submit Your Application: Our team will ensure your application is complete and submitted to the authorities.

6. Pay Visa Fees: We’ll guide you through the visa fee payment process.

7. Medical Examination: Schedule and attend a medical examination at an approved facility.

8. Visa Approval and Stamping: Once approved, collect your visa and have it stamped on your passport.

UAE Partner Visa Rules – Know Before You Go:

  • Local Sponsorship: Partnering with a local Emirati citizen holding a majority share is mandatory.
  • Company Registration: The company must be legally registered in Dubai with a valid trade license.
  • Share Capital Requirements: Minimum share capital amounts may apply depending on your business activity.
  • Partnership Agreement: A valid agreement outlining partnership terms is essential.
  • Visa Duration and Renewal: Partner visas are valid for three years and can be renewed upon meeting specific criteria.
  • Business Activity Restrictions: Certain business activities may have specific regulations or licensing requirements.
  • Legal Obligations: Business partners must comply with local laws, submit financial statements, and meet tax obligations.

Partner with Dubai Business Services for Expert Guidance:

Partnering with Dubai Business Services ensures you have the most up-to-date information and expert support throughout the UAE Partner Visa process.


How to Renew a UAE Partner Visa Rules?

The renewal process typically involves gathering documents, undergoing a medical test (if required), submitting an application, paying fees, and getting your visa stamped.

Can a Partner Work with This Visa?

Yes, the partner visa grants you legal work authorization within your partnered company.

How Long Does the UAE Partner Visa Rules Application Take?

The application process typically takes 15-20 working days.

Why Choose Dubai Business Services?

We offer personalized assistance, streamline the application process, and keep you informed throughout. Contact Dubai Business Services today and launch your entrepreneurial journey in Dubai!

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