Understanding the Detailed Process of Business Setup in Dubai!

Understanding the Detailed Process of Business Setup in Dubai!

Dubai is one of the most lucrative business markets for the business investors with tons of opportunities. If you’re exploring the idea of business in Dubai, here is everything you need to know the process of business set up in Dubai.

How does the process of Dubai company setup work?

Based on the location of a business entity in Dubai, businesses in Dubai can be classified into three main categories as discussed below-

  1. Mainland Business setup

The main requirements and features of this category include-

  • Dubai Mainland business incorporation must include a local sponsor who will own 51% shares of the company
  • The foreign investor will own the rest of the 49% shares of the company
  • The owner of a professional mainland company in Dubai is allowed to own the company 100%
  1. Free Zone Business Setup

Free Zones are the areas other than mainland in the UAE that enable the foreigners/ offshore entrepreneurs to own a company outright. It is, however, important to note that business set up in UAE free zones come with certain rules and restrictions such as the companies operating under free zones cannot conduct business with companies onshore/mainland in the UAE.

It is important to note that Commercial/trading licenses in free zones are not allowed to sell or distribute products in Dubai and UAE and are only allowed to re-export them or sell through Commercial/trading mainland LLC companies. Furthermore, the Free Zone companies are under obligation to lease the commercial spaces within the Free Zone itself from the Governing Authority.

Apart from the above-said restrictions, there are several benefits of free zone business Set up for foreign investors such as:

  • The benefit of 100% foreign ownership, which is otherwise not possible in mainland Dubai business set up
  • The benefit of full corporate, personal tax exemption, import, and export etc for a minimum of 15 years
  • The benefit of 100% repatriation of capital and profits from the free zone business set up in Dubai
  1. Offshore Business Setup

Offshore company formation in Dubai gives the benefit of 100% transfer of capital and revenue to the entrepreneurs without any restrictions. The main requirements and features of this business set up are-

  • By setting up an offshore company in Dubai, foreign investors can enjoy the benefit of no tax on imports and re-exports, corporate tax, or personal tax for a certain time period
  • There are no restrictions on hiring foreign employees when you set up offshore business in Dubai
  • Dubai company registration cost is quite affordable for the foreign investors

How can Dubai Business Services assist in the low-cost business setup in Dubai?

If you are looking for reliable business setup services in UAE or want to explore the option of low-cost business setup in Dubai, Dubai Business Setup (DBS) Services offer the well-researched, professional, and affordable services to the clients.

As a professional business setup consultants Dubai, we offer a range of services for setting up business in Dubai.

Some of the features of our services include-

  • As your expert partner for business setup in Dubai, we guide you through the end-to-end process of setting the business in Dubai
  • Starting from the selection of the feasible location for Dubai Company set up to work out the costing details, DBS has a team of professionally qualified and experienced consultants to provide strategic advice and cost-effective solution for all the business needs.

We understand that new business set up in Dubai is a challenging task that requires a thorough understanding of the target market, UAE business law, understanding of the business structure etc.  As an experienced business consultant service in UAE, we guide the clients in identifying the target market along with suggesting various ways and strategies for low-cost business setup in Dubai.

Understanding the Detailed Process of Business Setup in Dubai!Still have questions? Speak to a DBS business setup consultant today! We are the pioneers in business setup services in Dubai. With years of experience and expertise, we are known to be the best business setup company in Dubai and across the UAE.  To experience it yourself book a free consultation with our experts on company formation and legalities involved with business setup. Book a FREE consultation today with a company formation consultant. Clear all your doubts related to setting up a Business in UAE. Call us on +97145667485, WhatsApp +971551129344 or simply visit www.dubaibusinessservices.com to chat with us. Understanding the Detailed Process of Business Setup in Dubai!

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