Why do so many Indian Businessmen Set up their Company in Dubai?

Indian businessmen setup their company in Dubai

The city of Dubai is a very well-known destination among Indian as well as Asian businessmen. Most Indian businessmen prefer to setup their company in Dubai. There are several reasons why Indian businessmen opt to start their business in Dubai such as easy setup procedures, convivial business culture and vast opportunity to tap into the international market makes it an obvious choice. But that’s not all! Indian businessmen can earn better for an equivalent output, given the UAE’s excellent tax situation and the currency exchange rates.

So, if you as an Indian businessman are willing to setup a company in Dubai and are pondering if it is the right option, then we are here to help you. We have listed down five reasons that state why Indian businessmen prefer Dubai for company incorporation.

Here are the six reasons why so many Indian businessmen setup their company in Dubai:

Governmental Support

The Dubai government provides remarkable opportunities for Indian businessmen in the region. The governmental authorities offer perks on new company registration in Dubai not just exclusively to Indian businessmen, but also many other nationalities. Moreover, the governmental also offers tax benefits, liberal policies highlighted for Indian investors and business setup structure mainly focusing for Indian nationals allowing them to start a business in just three working days. (With the required documents and approvals).

Strategic Location

The city of Dubai is considered as the gateway between the Eastern and the Western countries, and Indian businesses can enjoy perks of being in a centralized location. Dubai also acts as an entry point to the international market for Indian businessmen with comparatively relaxed norms. Moreover, from India – Dubai is merely a three-hour flight that creates it a convenient base for Indian companies to watch and regularize their businesses within the global market. Moreover, the city is home to the most important marine terminal – Jebel Ali Port; the foremost connected airlines – Emirates and low-cost airline Fly Dubai – which also makes Dubai the simplest destination for distribution logistics and trading sectors.


Dubai offers lucrative opportunities for Indian businessmen with no personal or corporate taxation system. Unlike, the varied taxes applied on investors and businessmen in India as well as round the world – Dubai on the contrary offer a base for the business and builds up on sufficient tax savings. Though, with the recent development in legal systems in the UAE, VAT has been implemented and excise is additionally applied on some product. Nevertheless, the tax profits exceeds the Indian taxation polices. With low duty, trade, double taxation agreements, you’ll be assured to have a lucrative business setup in Dubai.

Ease Setup Process

Most countries make establishment of an international business for foreign nationals difficult, with prohibitive laws on company ownership or profit repatriations. However, it is extremely easy to setup a company in Dubai. Indian businessmen as well as other foreign nationals can easily setup their companies in no time and reap amazing profits. Furthermore, with the right business setup service providers you can take advantage of lowest prices on setup, online procedures and quick business setup processes. Also, end-to-end solutions from getting trade license to visas & opening bank accounts are done without any hassle.

Ease of Doing Business

Dubai as well as the entire UAE is still in lead in the Middle East and Arab region in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business ranking 2020 with 16th place in the global ranking out of 190 countries. The country had ranked 11th in 2019. This is because doing business in Dubai is straightforward and simple. That’s compared to India, which has improved significantly over the years but still falls behind by ranking on the 77th position in 2019. Also, the Dubai government is keen on creating the UAE a world’s entrepreneur-friendly destination through ongoing support and initiatives aimed exclusively towards Indian start-ups and SMEs in Dubai.

Superior Infrastructure

Dubai offers a world class infrastructure which was highlighted within the Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018, compiled by the planet Economic Forum. Not just Dubai, but the entire UAE ranked 4th in the region for the general quality of infrastructure – with 1st position in road quality index, 3rd for airport infrastructure and 4th for the seaports. Dubai also offers world-class internet and broadband connectivity. Moreover, with a super-efficient electricity grid currently transitioning from gas to nuclear, solar and other renewables energies – so as to have a substantially reduced carbon emission.

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