Why Start a Company in Fujairah Free Zones?

Why start a company in Fujairah free zones?

Start a company in Fujairah free zones as it has a favourable environment for every type of entrepreneur. Fujairah free zones are beneficial for trading as the region is close to the Fujairah Sea Port and Fujairah International Airport.

Fujairah has three free zones where you can start a company:

FFZ – Fujairah Free Zone

The Fujairah Free Zone is one of the oldest free zone setups in the country housing several renowned companies regulating for several years. It is among the world’s largest oil storage sector – creating oil trading opportunities connecting all the important Arabian Gulf ports along with the Indian Ocean. Fujairah free zone is flourishing with maritime sectors and is the petrochemical hubs of UAE. There is a substantial amount of business related to the oil-bunkering terminal located within the free zone.

Fujairah Creative City

Fujairah Creative City is recognized among the top Free zone within Middle East & Africa. Fujairah Creative City is mainly classified as a media free zone owned and monitored by the government of Fujairah. Launched in 2007, Fujairah Creative City concentrates on a broad range of commercial fields including media, broadcasting, television, events, consultancies, educational institutions, companies oriented towards communication and marketing, music and entertainment industry, design, technology, etc.

IFZA – International Free Zone Authority

Strategically located within the UAE’s ambitious business gateways, the International Free Zone Authority IFZA is your single point of contact for all types of company setups. The International Free Zone Authority of Fujairah mainly referred as IFZA was established in August 2018 and is known as the youngest free trade zones not just in Fujairah but across the UAE. Located next to the Port of Fujairah, IFZA has instantly become a leading business hub offering several setup and investment opportunities within the thriving Emirate.

So, why should you start a company in Fujairah free zones:

Major Trading Sector

The prime location of the Fujairah free zones with the increasing maritime occupational had made trading extremely suitable. Moreover, it has initiated non-trading companies also to engage in various activities creating business opportunities – which makes starting a company in Fujairah free zones beneficial.

Convenient Infrastructure

The Fujairah free zones creates plentiful infrastructural options for industries having option of pre-built units with regards to assembly, distribution and manufacturing units. For trading, offices available for import, export, re-export. Furnished or unfurnished, warehousing, storage, and packaging facilities are also available.

Boon for Transport and Logistics

An ideal place for transportation and logistics, Fujairah free zones imports, exports and re-exports – directly, with the availability of sending the goods to any part of the world. The goods handling costs also are extremely affordable given the fact that they don’t not need to be taken from place to another for storage purposes.

Easy Employment Rules

In all of the Fujairah free zones the employment rules are less complicated providing reduced restriction in the process of appointment. Moreover, the authorities of Fujairah free zones assure security of the company and the employees. They take measures suitable and in the interest of both the partiers. There is also flexibility in working hours and holiday structures.

Easy Licensing & Admin

Fujairah free zone licenses can be easily acquired and the administration of getting a Fujairah free zone license is simpler than most free zones across the UAE. Also, PRO services and other documentation is taken care of, if you start a company in in Fujairah free zones with the help of a business setup consultant.

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