Set Up a Private Clinic in Dubai: What Everybody Ought to Know About

To set up a private clinic in Dubai, one must obtain a license issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED). LLC Company formation in Dubai, which falls under the category of professional licenses, requires local service agents to operate. License holders may hire a limited number of employees, who will also be covered by the license. 

Licenses are obtained by professionals in medicine through Dubai Health Authority (DHA). If a doctor is an intern, a general practitioner, a specialist, a consultant, or a resident doctor, they must have a specific license from the DHA. The DHA also requires dentists to obtain licenses. The Department of Health and Human Services also requires nurses to obtain licenses. Even alternative medicine practitioners, like those practicing Ayurveda, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, and Unani medicines, must be licensed by the DHA. 

To open a private clinic in Dubai, you need a medical degree or to hire an employee who possesses the necessary qualifications. Full certification of all personnel is also required in the UAE. In addition, diplomas from other countries do not suffice in the UAE. A doctor or nurse can be certified in the UAE and may need to pass a local exam. In addition, every certified medical professional must be able to speak English.

How to Set up a Private Clinic in Dubai?

The first thing you may need to do if you are planning to open up a private clinic is to obtain the necessary approvals from the Dubai Healthcare Authority. And permission from the Dubai Department of Economic Development to set up the clinic, or the equivalent approvals from the free zone authorities.

Step by Step Instructions to Set up a Private Clinic in Dubai:

  • Create your business name & register it

To establish a medical services business entity, the business owner must design a trading name or brand name. Names of entities are subject to UAE naming regulations in which it is prohibited to use unpermitted nomenclature and trade names must not attempt to mirror or copy existing healthcare companies in the country in order to prevent trademark disputes.

Investors or business owners must fill out an online application to reserve a trading name as soon as they have chosen a trading name. You can then begin the upcoming processes once the title is registered with authorities.

  • Get DED’s preliminary approval

An owner of a business can now apply to the DED for approval to start a private clinic or hospital once the DED has registered the business name with it. Business owners are required to present their passports and proper documents at this stage. In addition, the Dubai Municipality must also be notified of the proper registered layout design or plan for the clinic or medical center.

  • Get Approval from DHA

DHA will issue you an approval certification after you have applied for DED approval.

  • Provide the Necessary Documentation

All documents must be provided to the authorities by the business owner or investor. In order to register the clinic, documents such as the Memorandum of Association (MOA), lease, etc. are needed.

  • Obtain the DED’s final approval

Final approval of the documents is the responsibility of the business owner. Please send the original approval and registration fee along with the photocopy

  • Obtaining your final trade license from the DED or free zone authority
  • Medical Director (MD) must be appointed by owners but no objective certificate (NOC) is available
  • List of healthcare professionals and medical directors
  • Building contracts that are valid
  • List of the medical director and healthcare professional
  • A valid building contract
  • Apply for a Clinical License

A clinical license can only be obtained after you have created a DHA account through the DHA portal. The owner of the firm must submit the details of all the medical professionals and consultants in his or her firm to obtain a permit. You need to wait for DHA verification of all the documents before requesting the authorization to start a private clinic or hospital.

Dubai Private Clinic Registration Documents

  • Documentation from the DED or free zone authority certifying your trade name registration.
  • Please provide a copy of your land plot number on your land registration certificate from DED or your free zone authority.
  • Drawings and schematics in AutoCAD format demonstrating the proposed flooring.
  • Designing plans & layouts that are clear in measuring and labeling each space.
  • In the case of major projects or joint business plans by owners/partners such as outpatient centers, rehabilitation centers, feasibility studies are required.
  • Non-locals should submit their passports with their residency visas.
  • Ensure the proposal is written by the owner/partner or the director who has authority to act.
  • An identification card was issued by the UAE.

Aspects and Benefits of Private Clinic in Dubai

A large majority of the foreign population living in the different Emirates in the UAE as well as other nationals of the UAE are provided with excellent healthcare facilities. Various healthcare facilities and research centers have been established in Dubai by Dubai’s government and healthcare professionals.

Healthcare ventures irrespective of their jurisdictions are provided with concessions and monetary incentives by the government to facilitate them. The benefits and advantages of setting up a private clinic in Dubai will be described below.

Dubai medical tourism has huge benefits 

Foreign clients can benefit from clinics providing world-class treatment in specialized areas. Medical tourism is already a thriving industry in the Emirate. As well as being a favorite Asian and European tourist destination, Dubai also boasts great nightlife.

The health care sector is growing  

In the healthcare sector, an increase in expatriates, a rise in non-transmissible diseases in the population, and mandatory health insurance have all contributed to growth.

Partnerships between the public and private sectors 

Many countries have found success with the PPP model. In order to meet the growing medical needs, the government is ready to endorse the PPP model. Therefore, private healthcare ventures are encouraged to participate in the healthcare sector.

Ensured income 

In Dubai, only learned professionals can open a clinic. As an additional benefit, this undertaking falls under the public utility category. Investors receive a guaranteed and steady income from this.

The Things You Need to Know Before You Set Up

  • Only medical professionals who possess a valid degree are entitled to set up a clinic. If this option is not available, the person doing the business formation should be a qualified Director. 
  • For clinics to be set up in Dubai, a professional license issued by DED is needed.
  • Since the private clinic is a service-oriented business that requires a license, the investor should appoint a UAE national as the local service agent (LSA). 
  • You may find a private clinic that specializes in gynecology, cosmetology, urology, or dentistry.
  • Setting up a clinic in Dubai requires approval from the Dubai Healthcare Authority. 
  • It is a bit more challenging to establish a dental clinic.

Dubai Healthcare Regulatory Authority

Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) oversees healthcare in Dubai by creating and implementing regulations, designing healthcare policies, and maintaining government health care facilities. Among the DHA’s core objectives is to regulate and oversee every aspect of the medical profession, hospitals, and clinics in Dubai while maintaining the highest standards for their operations. Dubai is a highly competitive market, but it is possible for individuals to set up a medical business and start operations. 

The government of Dubai has greatly supported the development of world-class health care facilities, which has opened up the state to foreign companies building the necessary infrastructure, systems, and facilities. As Dubai’s healthcare infrastructure has grown, the city’s labs and research centers have gained world-class status. Considering that the people in the UAE prefer to live a high standard of living and don’t think twice about paying for a quality medical facility, there is a strong demand for private healthcare services.

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An investor who is new to Dubai may find certain aspects of private clinic registration confusing. Multiple government agencies must be contacted and important documents must be submitted. The entire incorporation process can be delayed if any error or discrepancy is made regarding the information provided. If you would like additional guidance and support to set up a clinic in Dubai, please contact Dubai Business Service.

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