Dubai LLC Company Formation

Dubai LLC Company Formation

Are you looking for an LLC company formation in Dubai?

An LLC or a limited liability company is a type of business entity that provides the same level of personal protection as an individual. When you form an LLC, you are not held personally liable for the debts or actions of your business or its employees. You also enjoy tax free benefits and flexible management options. It’s important to understand how this type of structure will affect your finances before deciding to open an LLC in Dubai.

What is LLC (limited liability company) ?

LLC is a business structure that combines the management flexibility of a partnership with the tax free benefits and operational advantage of a corporation.

 The key advantage of an LLC over other forms of businesses such as sole proprietorships or corporations lies in its ability to protect each owner from personal liabilities incurred by another member’s actions. 

In general, all owners are protected from any debts, including legal judgments against other members. Even if they were contracted personally for those debts provided certain steps have been taken to form and operate the entity properly under state law. 

This means that creditors can only go after assets held by the LLC itself rather than trying to seize property owned by individual members who may not be directly involved in the company.

Benefits of LLC company formation in Dubai:

– Limited liability for the owners of a company. This means that you have to pay only your share in case of any issues, not the whole amount if it turns out the business is unable to cover all debts and liabilities on its own.

– Tax free except 5% VAT

– LLC investors in Dubai has the permission to set up business anywhere in Dubai.

–  No capital restriction to invest.

Cost of LLC company formation in Dubai:

Though the cost for the LLC depends on the business you want to register but approximately AED 12000 will be the cost of LLC in Dubai.

How to open LLC company in Dubai?

Documents Required for LLC Company Setup:

  •       Local sponsor’s passport copy
  •       Passport copy of company’s manager
  •       NOC letter from sponsor
  •       An application form from DED for registration
  •       Trade name application form
  •       Initial DED approval
  •       Memorandum

Steps to follow for company LLC Registration

  •       Register the company from DED
  •       Notarize and draft the company’s Memorandum.
  •       Submit all the documents and license to DED.
  •       Get register from Dubai Commercial

·        Incorporation with the ministry of Human Resources MOHRE and General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs Authority GDRFA  Establishment cards in Dubai. Because the establishemnt cards are required to open bank account and apply for employee residence visas for companies

Dubai LLC Company Formation

Dubai Business Services is a professional national business consultancy service provider. We cater to businesses of all sizes and we deliver the best business solutions to our clients that are keen in setting up a company in Dubai. When you set out to setup a Limited Liability Company in Dubai, you are very likely to face a series of challenges. Though Dubai has a very liberal policies on foreign trade activities within the country, the formalities involved in setting up a Dubai LLC company is highly challenging to the new entrepreneurs and for people coming outside the UAE.

Dubai LLC Company formation process will be highly simplified when you make use of our services. For those who are not familiar with the local formalities in Dubai LLC Company formation, the entire process can be simply overwhelming and that is why we are here to help our clients with the Dubai company formation needs.

One of the biggest challenges faced by companies that like to have a Dubai LLC company is the statutory requirement on a minimum fifty percentage of the company’s shareholding in the hands of UAE citizens. However you can leave the worries to us, Dubai Business Services will help you find a suitable sponsor to meet the above legal requirement. The documentation work involved in setting up a LLC or limited liability company is lot more complex and you will certainly need assistance from Dubai Business Services one of the most experienced business consultancy service providers.

Many foreign investors despite the challenges in Dubai LLC Company formation prefer to go through the processes involved because of the many advantages it bring them. You too can enjoy these benefits and not get discouraged with the complications involved in Dubai LLC Company formation as we are here to assist you in every way possible. Having been in this industry for several years, we understand the statutory requirements of Dubai LLC Company formation better than any other service provider in this industry. Added to that we have highly experienced consultants that will assist you with the process in the most efficient way irrespective of your niche industry.

Dubai Business Services charges very nominal fee for the Dubai LLC Company formation services. You will save a lot of time by hiring our services and at the same time enjoy great peace of mind because we will take care of all the difficult aspects of business setup in Dubai for Limited Liability Company Registration .

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