Local Sponsor in Dubai

Dubai Local Sponsor

Local Sponsor in Dubai

You can see below an estimate of registering a Dubai mainland professional & commercial LLC license fees, related costs, and requirements.

Requirements Office Rent Sponsorship Govt. Fee Total
Passport Copy of the client & Activity required Based on AED 25,000 (sustainability and ejari is available from AED 2000 to AED 4000 if dont want to rent physical office)          6000 AED (annual) AED 8,000 (annual) AED 15,000
 AED 3000 additional if the license activity is commercial LLC and External approvals fees as per government receipts (if any)

                                          Other Charges

Investor Visa Fee

Employee Visa

(Wife/Child) Visa


AED 3500 (valid 3 years) AED 5,500 (valid for 2 years)  AED 2000 (valid 3 years) 3 years

Who is the Local Sponsor in Dubai?

A UAE national /Emirati who acts as a service agent of you business if you want to set up a company in Dubai or UAE .

How can i find a Local Sponsor in Dubai for my business activity?

We provide assistance to find the right and reliable local sponsor for your business in Dubai or UAE as well as our company founder and CEO is an Emirati who can be a sponsor or a local service agent with direct contact with him and no agents or pro involved.

How much does a Dubai Local sponsor charge annually?

depending on the business activity and the sponsor you choose,the annual sponsorship is AED 6,000.

Is my business secure if i have a sponsor from UAE?

Yes, all agreements between you and the sponsor is registered in Dubai courts by the notary public mentioning what you have to pay him every year as agreed between both parties and that you are the business owner.

You can reach us directly on +971551129344 or email inquiry@dubaibusinessservices.com

Do you provide investor protection agreements?

Yes we provide LLC investor protection agreements.

Is Dubai Local sponsor/Local service agent fee refundable?

Yes, If Local sponsor has not signed the Memorandum of association/service agent agreement and notarized it at Public Notary the full payment is refundable.

Do you offer corporate sponsorship as well ?

Yes we do offer corporate sponsorship .

Do you offer sustainability contract if I don’t want to rent an office space?

Yes we do offer sustainability contracts to issue a new license of renewing a license in Dubai mainland.

Pay Local Sponsor or Service Agent Fees Online

Download Required Documents & Register your Company Quick

You can now register your Professional,Limited Liability or branch office easily & fast,

1- Pay Local business sponsorship fee online Click Here

2- receive Dubai local sponsor personal documents including passport copy, Emirates ID & contact information.

3- Reserve your company name, apply for license initial approval & draft Memorandum of association for LLC or Service agent agreement for professional License.

4- Make an appointment with a Local sponsor/service agent to notarize a Memorandum of association or service agent agreement at Dubai notary public.

5- Submit all documents along with your office tenancy agreement (ejari) to the Department of Economic development to get a License payment voucher to pay and issue the license.

Note: name reservation, initial approval, drafting Memorandum of association, or service agent agreement can be done at any Tas’heel typing centers .

We also provide a complete license registration service if requested.


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