Offshore Company Registration

setup-business-in-dubaiWhat is offshore company formation?

Offshore company formation is the process of establishing a company in a country outside of your home country. If you are looking for an international business setup, it may be worth exploring offshore company formation as an option. However, before you take any action, it’s important to understand what requirements need to be met and how much time will go into the process.


What are the advantages of offshore company formation in Dubai, UAE?

Dubai government focused on attracting more foreign investor in their country. That’s why, they are providing lots of advantages to investors. Here are few examples of benefits of offshore company formation in Dubai:


  • One of the major benefits to forming an offshore company is tax exemption. You never have to pay income or corporate taxes.
  • No export and import duty fee.
  • 100% company ownership.
  • Physical office is not required.
  • Offshore company formation is a great way to enjoy business anonymity and confidentiality on monetary matters.
  • The investors can send an offshore transaction with no hassle, because there are no regulations for currency in these countries!
  • Offshore company formation is the perfect solution for those who want to expand their business without having a large investment.
  • There’s no need of minimum capital prerequisites like most countries have in order set up shop!

Documents Required for offshore company formation in Dubai:

  • Application, according to required format.
  • Address verification
  • Passport copies of shareholders and owners.
  • Bank reference letter.
  • Manager’s passport copy.
  • Notarized Memorandum of Association.
  • Owner’s CV

offshore-company-set-up-in-dubaiOffshore Company Registration

Are you planning to start an offshore company in Dubai? Are you concerned about the paperwork involved in offshore company setup in Dubai? Yes, offshore company formation can be a very lengthy and tedious process and if you are not familiar with the local rules and regulations the entire process can turnout to be a nightmare.

However, all these need not discourage you anymore. We are here to help you with all the paperwork involved in offshore company registration in Dubai.

Our incorporation Dubai services will help you set up all types of companies in Dubai whether you are interested in setting up a limited company or a joint venture or public shareholder company or opening a branch office in Dubai, contact us immediately.

As a local offshore company setup service provider we understand all the rules and regulations and the bottlenecks that are likely to crop up during the process of offshore company formation better than any other service provider in the industry.

We have already helped numerous companies and we would be happy to extend our offshore incorporation service to you as well. So do not look further than Dubai Business Services for all your incorporation Dubai services.

Dubai Business Services is a very professional service provider in this niche with several years of experience. When you want to register offshore company, you will be able to save yourself from the hassles involved by seeking our professional help.

Though in fact it is not necessary to seek help from any local agency to set up an offshore office or company in Dubai, you will certainly need our assistance and expertise.

Our offshore incorporation services will save a considerable amount of time and help you launch your operations in the scheduled time. We work closely with the local authorities and we use legitimate channels to set up your company and give your company complete legal status in Dubai.

When you are setting up an offshore company in Dubai you need to first understand the local incorporation laws and the requirements. All the information is available on the internet but to comply with all of them while registering your company requires professional assistance. We will do all the paperwork on your behalf as your authorized local representative.

If you are interested in setting up an offshore company within the shortest time possible, get in touch with us. We can gear up the process by several notches and help you get all the required licenses in the shortest time. You will never again have to lose your night’s sleep on offshore company setup.

Dubai offers plenty of opportunities to investors that like to invest in Dubai and start an offshore company in Dubai. These impressive opportunities attract numerous business owners. You too can benefit from these unlimited opportunities present in Dubai.

Dubai government is open to all types of ventures and invites foreigners to invest in the country. If you want to benefit from all these opportunities you need to set up your company in a proper way. Many entrepreneurs despite knowing the opportunities present in Dubai hesitate to set up an offshore company because they have been made to believe that offshore company setup in Dubai is a difficult process and it takes a lot of time.

If you too are one such entrepreneur, then we encourage you to talk to us and we will provide you with professional guidance through our offshore incorporation services.

Setting up your offshore company in Dubai will help you minimize unnecessary tax burdens. There are many other benefits in setting up an offshore company in Dubai. Contact us to learn how offshore company registration can help your company and your business.

We will not only provide you with all the information you need to decide whether you need to register offshore company or not, we will also take care of the entire process. We will steer you through the offshore company registration process and take care of all the local work required to set up your company.

This will help you save a lot of time and money because when you entrust your incorporation Dubai needs to us the number of trips you need to make to Dubai will be reduced considerably.

We highly recommend that you do not start the registration process before you fully understand the implications in offshore company formation in Dubai and the legal formalities involved. Though the local government welcomes investors to start their offshore company in Dubai, the legal formalities involved can be over burdening for busy entrepreneurs. As your local representative we will address all the issues involved very effectively and make sure that your offshore company setup is completed successfully without any frustrating experiences during the process.

We offer very dependable customer service, you can talk to us any time and we will promptly address your concerns. We will work very closely with you throughout the entire process and also provide you with any further assistance you may require later with your incorporated company.

Setting up an offshore company can be a very crucial step in your organization’s growth so it is very important that you get things correct right from the beginning. Always approach experienced Dubai incorporation service providers so that there are no mistakes made in setting up an offshore company.

Our company not only provides you with unlimited support and excellent quality services but we also charge very nominal fee for our services. Register offshore company with our assistance and have successful presence in Dubai. You don’t have to pay a huge fee to set up an offshore company anymore.

Approach Dubai Business Services with confidence, we are here to take care of all your Dubai incorporation needs. As a licensed Dubai incorporation company, we offer trustworthy and transparent services. We will send you regular updates of the incorporation formalities so that you will be in total control of the process. Contact us today, we are just a few clicks away.

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