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Dubai Business Services – A trusted choice for business advisory & cost-effective product registration Dubai servicesDubai Business Services – A trusted choice for business advisory & cost-effective product registration Dubai services!

Dubai is one of the biggest and most important centers of international trade. The regional market regulations require the businesses to register their products, as a preliminary step while setting up a business in U.A.E. In terms of import and export of products including food, herbal items and cosmetics, the U.A. E’s Government has established a modern and compressive assessment standard, making product registration Dubai obligatory before the launch of the product in the market.

Dubai Business Services helps businesses develop understanding regarding the product registration in Dubai. Our team holding extensive industry experience and profound knowledge of the most recent legal regulations pertaining to food, herbal and cosmetic products, ensures smooth, error-free and timely execution of product registration process, on the behalf of our clients. Our team shares an extensive research with the clients about product registration requirements, testing standards and procedures and complete documentation.

Understanding the Product Registration

Dubai Business Services keeps counseling the clients about regulations and standards they have to pass through for business establishment in Dubai. The basic purpose of product registration is to ensure consumer safety. The product registration process is based on CPSS (Consumer Product Safety Section) that provides adequate provisions for assessing the safety of food, herbal and cosmetic products.

It is mandatory for all products manufactured, traded, sold, advertised or distributed in Dubai, to be registered in accordance with the Dubai Municipality regulations. The Dubai Government standardizes the manufacturing, selling and trading of products by requiring their registration before these are placed in the market as well as by regulating the businesses to obtain a valid license for production registration Dubai, related to their product category.

Dubai Business Services is a leading provider of business setup services in Dubai. Our team works hand in hand with the clients to analyze their product registration needs and related industry standards. We have successfully registered hundreds of products belonging to food, herbal, cosmetics and other industries, for our clients. It is to be noted that product registration process differs from product to product and industry to industry; therefore, specialized knowledge and industry experience is required to execute the process in an uninterrupted and most-efficient way.

This is where Dubai Business Services comes into play.

Get the most reliable, tailored and cost-effective product registration services in Dubai with us. Give us a call to set an instant appointment.




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