Business setup in the UAE

uae business setup


There are more than 150,000 registered businesses in the UAE. When you combine this with the fact that 80% of residents are foreign-born, it becomes clear that there is plenty of scope for a business setup in the UAE.

The UAE is also allowing 100% foreign ownership in 122 economic activities across 13 sectors. Most notably, these include growth sectors such as renewable energy, logistics, hospitality, food services, and manufacturing. Despite this, it is important to note that each Emirate can impose its own restrictions. However, DBS can help you jump through these hoops and establish strong footing in any area in the UAE.

Although conservative and hierarchical, the local business culture in the UAE is quite easy to navigate. Personal relationships are key, and face-to-face communication is greatly valued. As a result, anyone who behaves appropriately can succeed in business in the country followed with the right guidance.

If you are thinking about setting up a new business and the business setup cost in the UAE, we are here to help. Check out all our services and let us navigate you to the business of your dreams!


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