A complete guide on tourism license in Dubai

Tourism license: A complete guide on tourism license in Dubai

Wanting to get a tourism license in Dubai? Did you know that tourism accounts for 11.5% of Dubai’s GDP? Tourism industry in Dubai is one of the booming industries. The city is an internationally celebrated hotspot. Dubai is known for its revolutionary architectures, warm beaches, hospitable climate and continuously developing culture.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a halt, but has Dubai has successfully reopened to the global tourists in the first week of July – way before it’s counterparts. With heavy investments in health measures and sanitisation, Dubai will certainly witness a fruitful season of tourism. And if you as a businessman want to make the most of it, this is the right time to obtain a tourism license.

How to get a tourism license in Dubai?

Getting a tourism licenses in Dubai is one of the crucial elements of starting a travel or tourism business. All tourism company setups in Dubai are monitored by the Department for Economic Development (DED) and the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). A tourism license in Dubai is similar to any other trade license that provides identification to the company. Tourism licenses are allotted to tours and travel companies to keep accountability of their business activities in the region.

However, before you get a tourism license in Dubai, you might have some obvious questions such as:

  • What are the types of tourism license in Dubai? And which one should you apply for?
  • What documents are required to get a tourism license in Dubai?
  • What are the steps involved to get a tourism license in Dubai?

So, if you are planning to start a tourism company in Dubai or would like to expand your travel business in the region and are asking yourself these questions – here is an answer to all of them!

Types of tourism license in Dubai:

It is significant that you apply for the right kind of tourism license in Dubai when you consider to start a travel or tourism business in Dubai. There are mainly three types of Tourism License in Dubai that you may apply for depending on your requirements and area of business. Those are:

Inbound Tour Operator License

Allows your travel agency to handle businesses related to inland travel, events, visa and other transportation requirements for the locals and foreigners traveling to Dubai.

Outbound Tour Operator License

Allows your firm to retail travel & tourism packages outside of the UAE through e-commerce, offline agents’ network, etc.

Travel Agent License

Enables your firm to work as a merchant for tickets and booking related services on behalf of the agents. Such as ticketing services for flight, buses, trains, hotel & vacation bookings, car rental service, etc.

Documents are required to get a tourism license in Dubai:

Analysing the type of tourism license, you would like to apply for. After which you can follow the procedure of accumulating the required documents. Such as:

  • Tourism License Application Form
  • Passports Copies of The Shareholders / Owner
  • Qualification Certification for The Manager
  • Good Conduct Certificate for The Owner
  • Proof of Clean Criminal Record for The Owner
  • Detailed Project Report (Feasibility Study)
  • NOC From Civil Aviation Authority

What are the steps to get a tourism license in Dubai?

  • Decide the type of travel or tourism company you want to setup
  • Choose a suitable company name for your tourism company
  • Submit the acquired document to the Department for Economic Development (DED) for a trade license.
  • Submit the approval from DED and other documents to the DTCM for one of those three above mentioned additional licence.
  • Rent an office space, apply for required visas and open a corporate bank account simultaneously.
  • Concludingly submit all the acquired permissions, make the payment and collect your tourism license.

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