Tourism Activities

Select the number of tourism activities you want for the license e.g. Inbound tourism, outbound tourism,travel agency . Every tourism activities requires a refundable deposit in name of DTCM Dubai tourism and commerce marketing department in Dubai.

Documents Upload

Upload your documents for license registration ,Investor/Partner and dependents visa applications where applies .

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GDRFA Services

This service is to apply new GDRFA Establishment card (also called immigration establishment card and online visa services) this is mandatory card to apply any investor or partner visas with Dubai online visa services access .

Dubai Investor Residence Visa Services

This service is available once your license has been completely registered in Dubai mainland then we can apply your three years investor/partner residence visa under your business license. Choose if one investor or more partners from drop down menu.

Optional Investor / Partner Visa Services

Allows you to issue investor/partner visa inside UAE and change visa status without having to travel out of UAE in order to issue the visa and change visa status inside country . Don’t tick this service if you will be out of country during visa application process , we will email your visa to you to use it while entering back in UAE to procees with medical fitness test, emirates ID application and visa stamping in passport.

Dependent Residence Visas Of Investors /Partners

Allows you to apply for your dependents husband,wife,son,daughter,father,mother etc.. Dependent visa is valid for three years . select number of dependents from drop down list. You can avail this service once your investor/partner has been stamped in passport and Emirates ID application has been applied.

MOHRE Services

This service is to apply new MOHRE Establishment card (also called MOL Ministry of labor establishment card ) this is mandatory card to apply any employment visas under your company .

Tourism License in Dubai Registration  and process Online UAE

Activity: Tourism

Legal Type: Tourism

Time frame: 15 days


  • Five suggested company names to register
  • Passport copy of investor scanned or photo from smart phone or camera
  • passport size photo scanned or clear photo from smart or phone
  • UAE resident visa copy scanned or clear photo from smart or phone (if resident)
  • UAE tourist , visitor visa or entry stamp to any UAE airport from passport (You must enter UAE at least once to generate your UID Unified ID that is required to incorporate a business in Dubai or UAE)
  • NOC no objection certificate from current sponsor if UAE resident .

External Approvals

DTCM Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing

Any Deposits: No deposit required


  • Name Reservation (think of 5 company names based on priority we will reserve the one available )
  • Initial Approval
  • Memorandum of association  Drafting
  • Memorandum of association agreement notarizing at Dubai public notary (Local sponsor & Investor or their authorized signatories must be present ) this will take couple of hours or less.
  • Office Lease agreement (Ejari) to be arranged by investor emailed to us (copy) renting an office .
  • Getting DEWA connection for utilities (water & electricity )

Cost of License Registration

Description Frequency USD AED
Department of Economic Development License fee + 5% of annual office/shop rent Annual  3268 10,000 to 12000
Corporate Sponsor or Local Service Agent fee Annual 6810 25000
License Registration Service Fee One time 1361 5000
Local Service Agent Agreement drafting,translation and notarizing One time 408 1500
Total  11852 43500

Optional Services 

Description Frequency USD AED
New GDRFA  Establishment Card & Online visa service(optional required if applying investor/partner visas) Every three years 275 1000
New MOHRE (ex. Ministry of Labor Establishment Card (optional required if applying investor/partner visas) One Time 630 2300
Investor/ Partner Visa* per application Every three years  1279 4700
Dependents Visa wife,son,daughter per application ** Every three years 680 2500

Next Year Onward Dubai Economy Mainland License Renewal Cost

Description USD AED
DE License Renewal Fee 3268 12000
Corporate or Local Service Agent Fee 6810 25000
Renewal Service fee 272 1000
Total 10350 38000

Important Notes

*Investor /Partner Visa This is an optional service that you can either add or leave at time of online license application, e.g if you don’t need an investor/partner visa or already have one then don’t tick the check box for this service. Select if more than one partner from drop down menu.

**Dependents residence visa wife,son,daughter

As an investor/partner you are eligible to apply residence visa for your family husband wife children, you will see requirements and process of this service during the registration process . You can avail this service only after your business license registration and after your visa has been stamped in passport and Emirates ID has been applied.

*** Instant License All DE Mainland Licenses that are not required to get external department approvals are eligible to get their license with with this service without renting a physical office in Dubai for first year by paying AED 10,000 to DE Dubai Economy . You will be eligible to get your investor visa and you can sponsor your family under your sponsorship and two employment visas , Instant License issues in 24 hours .This service is optional if you don’t plan to rent your own office and if your rent your own office there will be an additional 5% added from the rent value to your license DE Dubai Economy Fee.

**** Final Payment Voucher Fees depend on the business activity as well as cost of your annual lease (Market Fee is 5%) and will be adjusted whether less or more than the indicated DED fees , doesn’t apply to Instant License activities .


Tourism License in Dubai Registration  and process Online UAE


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