Sharjah Company Registration Cost Requirements Process information

Sharjah Company Registration Cost Requirements Process information

Documents Required

  • Passport copy of the owner and partners (if corporate then company documents )
  • 5 Choices of Trade Name / company name
  • NOC from employer or current sponsor if UAE resident / Tourist Visa copy if visitor/tourist

External Approvals

If any (Not Required for all Trade licenses .)


  • Name Reservation (think of 5 company names based on priority we will reserve the one available )
  • Initial Approval
  • Local Service Agent agreement or MOA signings online or at service center .
  • Office Lease agreement to be arranged by investor emailed to us (copy), virtual office is acceptable for some activities in Sharjah .
  • Getting SEWA connection for utilities (water & electricity ) if renting an office for the business , we can assist through out this process if renting an office space in a business center this isn’t required .

Cost Breakdown for License

Sharjah SEDD Government business license Fee first year

Description USD AED  
Initial Approval and DED form 81 300.00 One time
Name Reservation 207 760.00 One time
Department of Economic Development License
fee (Approx…)
2722 7000 to 8000 2.5 % from Ejari Annual fee
Local Service Agent Fee 1640 6,000 Annually
Immigration Establishment Card Fee 614 2250 Annually
License Registration service fee 550 2000 One time
Total 5262 19310 First Year
Optional services Fees
Ministry of Human resources and Emaratization 42 153 onetime
Physical office is compulsory in Sharjah and no virtual office option available (estimated annual rent) 2724 10000 Annually
Investor Visa 1010 3700 Valid for 3 years
Next Year Onward Professional License renewal cost after two years
Description USD AED
Local Service Agent Fee 1640 6000
Sharjah SEDD Economy License renewal cost 1640 to 2730 6000 to 10000*
Physical office rent estimated  2724 10000
Sharjah SEDD Professional license renewal cost (our Service fee) 136 500
Total  6438 13,700


  • Once payment voucher is issued whatever is the difference need to pay as the amount mention in the breakdown is estimated fees only (Sharjah SEDD fees varies depending on the business license activity).
  • External Approval Fees not included ( as per government department receipts )
  • Investor / Partner Visa fees  fees not included you can choose to apply if you are not UAE resident during checkout process .
  • MOA – partners requires personal appearance in notary for signing
  • Government actual receipts will be provided.
  • Cost does not include investor, employment or dependent visa fees of the company and office space rent.
  • ** You can either choose to lease own physical office space or rent in a business center if you wish to apply for employee visas or without if you want only your investor visa and need bank account opening inspection done.
  • Foreign Trade name fee of AED 2000 not included .
  • Trade license renewal fees is estimated and final fees shows on license renewal payment voucher from Sharjah Economy Department.
  • A refundable deposit of AED 5000 is paid to Sharjah Immigration department to gain access to online visa services of eChannel system a mandatory system to apply any type of visas for investors and employees and is refunded once the company business license is cancelled .
  • Cost above excludes owner accommodation fee 10% of annual and municipality fee 5% of tenancy agreement . 

Office options

Physical office rent estimated 2724 per year 10,000 per year

Company Investor, dependents and employee visas cost break-down

Investor Visa fee

  • Visa application fee :AED 3500(valid for 3 years)
  • Our service fee: AED 250 (new) AED 150 (renewal) (optional PRO )
  • Visa Renewal fees: AED 150
  • Cancellation of Visa fee: AED 150 ( plus estimated 560 government/services fees)

Dependents(wife,son,daughter) visa fee

  • Visa application fee: AED 2500 (valid for 3 years)
  • Our service fee: AED 250 (new) AED 150 (renewal) (optional PRO service)
  • Visa Renewal fee: AED 150
  • Cancellation of Visa fee: AED 150 ( plus estimated 560 government/services fees)

Employment Visa fee

  • Visa application fee: AED 3500 (valid for 2 years)
  • Change status & entry inside the country will be additional – 1500 AED per visa application
  • Our service fee: AED 250 (optional PRO service)
  • Visa Renewal fee : AED 150
  • Cancellation of Visa fee: AED 150 ( plus estimated 560 government/services fees)

Time frame

  • Time frame is mainly depend on applicant completion of requested documents
  • License is usually issued within 10 to 12 days from the date of application in the department(due to COVID 19 some delay me be expected  .
  • Investor visa process takes 7 to 12 days once we issue the license .
  • Employment Visa process takes about 15 days .

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