Business Setup in UAE

Business Setup in DubaiBusiness Set up in UAE – The beginning of a successful journey with Dubai Business Services.

With top-notch business set up consultants in Dubai and industry expert team, Dubai Business Services lets you avail all the benefits of a business setup in Dubai.

Why Dubai?

Since last few decades, Dubai has risen as one of the world’s most attractive business destinations, attracting millions in LLC company formation in UAE. This is because it is tax-free and quite diverse in policy. Many of the investors or businessmen prefer to establish Limited Liability Company or LLC Company formation in Dubai. While doing a business set up in Dubai, the first and most important step is company registration. Business set up process entails sufficient documentation and legal regulations to be followed. A reliable and experienced business set up consultant in Dubai, like Dubai Business Services, makes this process smoother and easier for its clients.

The Process of Business Set up in UAE

Before you plan to set up business in Dubai, you must have a clear idea of what Limited Liability Company is. The LLC can be established with minimum 2 and a maximum of 50 stakeholders. Shareholders’ liability is limited to the shares they hold in the company capital. In addition, LLC businesses are permitted to operate only certain kinds of businesses such as insurance, banking, money investment, manufacturing, services etc. There must be at least one Emirati local sponsor or silent partner of the company with 51 percent shares. The Department of Economic Development-Dubai formed in 1992, is a regulatory body for business set up in Dubai.

The native team of Dubai Business Services facilitates businesses to enlist their legal agreements and complete business documents prerequisites in Dubai. We provide complete assistance to businesses, understand their requirements, budgets, nature of business operations, assess partners and help complete company registration and formation process. Our services also include helping you find the proper location and reliable local partners. Moreover, our offerings include application processing of trade license and other legal documents.

Where to Start?

Businesses setting up in Dubai usually start with:

  • Selection of name, legal structure and business activities and their approval
  • Selection of local partners
  • Notarization through court and MOA
  • Choosing an office location/ virtual office/ warehouse/lands and making rental contract
  • Obtaining trade license from Department of Economic Development, UAE
  • Obtaining Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, Tenancy Agreement and Share Certificates.
  • Visa processing, labor cards applications and legal documents.

Dubai Business Services is all set to help you start your successful journey in UAE. Give us a call to set an appointment today.