Frozen Fish and Seafood Trading

The seafood industry is one of the most lucrative industries to start a business. Seafood that is easy to cook by using the frozen seafood item. Thus, anyone seeking a year-round source of income can choose frozen fish and seafood trading. An investor in the UAE would need a trading license from the relevant government agency to legally conduct business within the country.

This means a procedure must be followed before you can apply for a frozen fish and seafood trading license. Moreover, an investor must file a business name to register the brand name.

Are you overwhelmed by the procedures required to obtain a license or register your business?

To get your business up and running as soon as possible, DBS is here to help you register your seafood business.

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Dubai is a trading hub ideal for starting new companies due to the higher prospects. Investors need to work harder than ever to gain the people’s trust because of the presence of thousands of seafood businesses.

However, the UAE government has specific rules, like getting name reservations, local service agent agreements, trading licenses, etc. DBS is gaining in popularity because of its professional services for documentation procedures and other legal formalities.

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DBS is serving nationwide for all prospective investors’ benefit. Investors can work with peace of mind knowing their businesses have the state’s support when registered and issued trade licenses. However, if not handled by professionals, all the paperwork, attestation, and document preparation could add extra time to the process.

Everyone turns to DBS whenever they have problems like these. You can yield higher returns by following all the steps the government agency sets for frozen fish and seafood trading.

Please contact our customer service team as soon as possible, and we’ll help you get your registration at the earliest.

Activity: Frozen Fish and Seafood Trading

License Type: Commercial

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