Glass Bottles Trading

Glass Bottle trading is a gold mine in the world economy. Data Bridge Market Research shows that the glass bottle market was estimated to be worth 37.10 billion USD in 2021 and is projected to expand to 57.81 billion USD by 2029.

Kicking off this business can be a commercially rewarding venture that helps forge a sustainable future. However, to establish a business, you need to secure licenses and permits at the outset, provided your location and size of the business.

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DBS is hot to trot to throw off the shackles of this tedious process and to make it smooth sailing for you.

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Glass Bottle Market in Dubai

In Dubai, due to the rising call for environmentally-safe packing, the usage of glass bottles is booming. Launching the deposit-refund system for containers that store beverages, including glass bottles, is one of the numerous measures the city has implemented to encourage recycling and minimize waste.

Dubai has a well-managed system of collecting, sorting, and processing used glass bottles into glass items sold to an elaborate network of buyers. To utilize this remarkable infrastructure and to jump into the glass bottle trading business, you are under an obligation to acquire permits and licenses from the authorities, namely Dubai Municipality.

Here DBS comes to chip in our contribution in helping you get a license and get all the paperwork done so that you can kill in this business.

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