Leasing and Management of Self Owned Property

Are you looking to run a consultancy firm in the UAE with a higher chance of success? Then think about having leasing & management of self owned property firm.

This means you will resolve people’s issues regarding managing their self-owned property, leasing them to the right tenants, getting the license for leasing, determining fair rental value, etc. However, to start such a form, you need the government’s approval and to fulfill all the requirements for registration.

Are your worried about the registration of your leasing and management of a self owned property firm?

Don’t worry; you don’t have to do it yourself. DBS is here to make your business journey smooth by completing all the formalities properly and on time.

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In Dubai or UAE, leasing your property on a rental basis to tenants is quite common and a sort of investment. However, property owners may struggle to manage such agreements’ aspects.

They may get help from a reputable leasing and management self owned property firm. But to provide such services, you must need registration and a license from the government. DBS performs this duty by completing all the documents, their attestation, etc.

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DBS offers professional help nationwide to make people’s lives easy. To start your firm to manage the property of other landlords, get registration from this platform within 1 or 2 days.

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Activity: Leasing and Management of Self owned Property

License Type: Professional

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